🤩 Dollar Tree Mugs With Cricut

Welcome back to another Live with Design, Bundles, We’re so excited to have you back here. I hope you guys all had a Merry Christmas if you will and a happy holiday, So today’s project, we are going to be working with Dollar Tree mugs. This is a highly requested one

We get questions about this all the time, So I’m going to walk you guys all the way through the project of adding our designs inside of Cricut Design, Space, cutting them out, weeding them out and applying them to the mug. So I’ve gotten a couple of the Dollar Tree mugs here, There’s a few different sizes and shapes and colors. You guys can snag, but you guys can create a very quick gift for a buck.So. A few things we are now on. Our eighth live

Thank you guys so much for supporting us. We are excited to be live with you guys. We love chatting with you, So we’ve actually unlocked a feature now where we can do super chats and super stickers, So we’re going to come up with some really fun and cool stuff for those

So, whenever you guys do those we’re gon na keep your name up longer and be able to answer those questions for you.Now that we’re getting a lot more people hanging out with us. Those things are obviously We had a ton of questions last time and we want to make sure that we’re able to answer everybody Now. Also, if you guys have noticed, we are doing the Christmas Plus Event and we are getting down to our last few days, So December 31st will be our last day for the Plus Christmas event.

So I hope you guys are snagging all of your free goodies, Alright, so let’s go ahead and dive right in Alright, so I’m going to go ahead and share my screen with you guys. So welcome. Welcome! Welcome Everybody that is joining us.

Thank you guys so much for joining us. We’Re so excited for this Now for the designs that I’m using today they’re from the amazing craft bundle, This bundle is only $ 24. It was originally $ 306, So you’re getting $ 306 worth of SVGs PNGs for 24 bucks.

So I’m gon na go and show you guys what else is included here. There’S lots of different files here for you, whether you guys are going to be making some. You know the messy buns.We’ve got some stuff for Valentine’s Day. We have stickers, earrings lots of different ones, So I’m gon na show you a few of the ones I’m using today.

So, for example, this one right here – superduper adorable, You have all these cows here And I wanted to show you guys a few different things, Whether you guys are going to be using cute little quotes or whether you want to use something like this. Like this cow head, it’s kind of like a silhouette if you will – and it is gorgeous So we’re going to use this one right here out of this bundle,

And then say, for example, right here: these dog quotes. Not only are they perfect for T-shirts, pillows, mugs, key chains, you know you can put them on tote bags, all sorts of different thing. I want to show you one of these on our mug. So a lot of times we have different photos here. You can kind of scroll through here and get an idea of what else is included in there.Now. I’Ve got one more here if I can find it.

There was a cute little coffee cup – Let’s see It’s somewhere in here, But it’s the other one that I’m going to be using today, But one of the ones I wanted to show you too, I almost made for you guys,

Look at this amazing basketball bundle here as well. I think this is super cute And, what’s really cool is you’re going to use not only black you’re going to use your orange as well, You could use like an orange glitter. Adhesive vinyl would be gorgeous as well.

It’S such a cute one, And I do believe there is one for football as well. So there’s this one right up here, So we have mascot, But I do believe there was a super cute football one right here.

So this would be cute on T-shirts mugs Same with the other one, The SVGs, you can turn those into PNGs and sublimate with them as well. So these are super super cute. Let me go see if I can find

.., If not we’re just gon na, go ahead and go over there.But, I believe there was a coffee cup, one that specifically said..

There’S motivational, I know I’m overlooking at it here, So let me see We’re almost there.

Winter, It’s in here somewhere, So I’m going to go ahead and we’re going to drop the screen really quick. So I can show you guys what supplies that we are using today.So. Let me go ahead and switch my camera down here, really quick, Alright! So for our supplies today, it’s going to be super duper, easy

Hello, hello, Hello, Welcome everybody that is here. Welcome! Welcome,

Hello from Florida, I see all of you guys Palm Coast Florida Lots of you guys from Florida. Today, Jody we have you from Missouri

Pacific Northwest So welcome welcome. So if you guys are just joining us, we are going to be doing some DIY coffee mugs. We are going to be using our Cricut Explorer 3. You could use any of your die cutting machines for this project.

Even your Cricut Joy is perfect for making mugs, So we’ve got our coffee mugs from the Dollar Tree. We have some transfer tape And then what I’m, using today, I’m using my blue mat. I love to use those for adhesive vinyl.

And the one I’m using today is matte black, but it is permanent and it is Starcraft. I love Starcraft, I’m a huge fan of it right now.If. I wasn’t using StarCraft, I like Oracle 651, So between Oracle, 651 and StarCraft. Those are my absolute favorite when it comes to making mugs

But I want to smooth this guy down right here And I’m going to show you guys just a few more things so give me just a minute because I’m going to get ready for sharing my screen. So just give me a second, As you guys are joining in here. Welcome! Welcome!

Welcome, Thank you guys so much for joining Now. A few more things that I’m using today is a ruler. I highly recommend, if you guys do not have one of these. These are in the sewing section. You can usually grab them for a buck.

A lot of times, even at the fair, if you guys go to like the state fairs, Some people are carrying these as well They’re, perfect, because you’re able to just …

Like I said, sewing department Whip it out to figure out the measurement for our month. So before we do get started, I want to measure those.But. A few more things we need is a squeegee tool. You can also use your hands.

And then I’ve got a couple of weeding tools here, So let’s go and get our measurement really quick. So when we’re working with mugs, the first thing we want to figure out is whether you’re making this for yourself or for a friend Which hand do you hold your mug in when you drink your coffee or tea? If I hold it in the right hand, I want this side to be the front.

If I hold it my left, I would want this side to be in the front.So if you’re selling these on Etsy or places like that, you definitely want to find out what side do they use The right or the left hand, So I’m going to go ahead. Let’S see

I think I’m going to go and put mine on this side right here, So a few more things that you’re going to need rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth, But also sometimes I just get rid of the rubbing alcohol and I just use the cloth And that’s Okay, too, So what I do is I get these eyeglass cloths here and I use those to remove any sort of oil or debris.

If you guys have not seen the video actually sublimated these, We have a video here on the channel. You can look up, sublimation eyeglass cloth. I believe – and we made this right here on the channel and I use it all the time. Alright. So let’s go ahead and measure really quick and then we’ll switch on over to Cricut design space, So we’re going to go and get our measurement here.

So I know that I don’t want to go no wider than four inches, So I probably really want to stick with like 3.75 wide, So no wider than four inches, And then my height here I’ll go ahead to get this up at the top. I don’t want to drag it all the way to the bottom.

So I don’t want to go …. You know. I’Ve got four inches here Same thing.

I probably don’t want to go bigger by 3.75, So I’m going to try to design this 3.75 x. 3.75. Hello, hello.Welcome, everybody

Alright, so let me go ahead and switch you guys over to Cricut design space really quick, Alright, so let me switch my camera, so you guys can see my face at the same time. Alright, so here we go Now. I have already brought in my designs here. So these are going to be the three that I’m using today.

So this is all from that bundle, But this is from the dog one This one here there is a coffee cup one There is one for coffee quotes. I got this out of there.

And then you guys see that super cute cow, So the first thing I want to do is resize these.So, I’m going to go ahead and come in here, click on them And then right at the top I’m going to change the height, Because you can see my Width is 4

73 and my height is 5.74. I want to go with my height because that’s the bigger one, So I’m gon na go and change it now to 3.75. Now make sure if you guys have any questions, leave them down below and we’ll be answering those while I’m cutting out as well as weeding everything.So. Let’S go ahead and change this one.

This one’s pretty even So I’ll find the bigger one, the 5.7 and I’m gon na do 3.75, And then we’ve got one more right here. We’Re going to do the same thing!

I’M going to change the this file 3.75. There we go Alright, so this is going to be 2 ….

I’M trying to think here if I want this a little bit smaller and bigger. I think this is fine, Alright, so I’m going to roll with these three here.So. I wanted to show you if I click on these individual, they do have different little pieces.

Since I’m cutting this all out in black, what I would do right away is come down to Weld and I would weld it So now. If I click on it, it’s one file, So you see how that went over to one solid file. So this one is ready to go Next one, this one right here:

If I wanted to say, for example, to come in here, I want to get rid of these two little marks.I could click on them and just hit Delete on my keyboard, and then I would just have this design here Say, for example, if I wanted to change Any of these, like my coffee beans, If I wanted to come up here and change those to Brown, I could I’d come click on the right hand, side

I would click on those beans Come over here: click on the color square and change it to brown. So you see how that changed there. So I could definitely do that. I’M gon na leave everything black

We’Re cutting everything out matte black today, But if I wanted to do any of these pieces here, I could change colors.So. I could change this to pink, So that is how you would change those individually. So I am going to do the same thing.

I’M going to select everything and I’m going to hit Weld to make it one solid file, So you can see how that became. One solid file And we’ve got one more So same thing with this one. If I wanted to change any of these pieces, say, for example, my dog – I wanted to come in here and change it to purple.

Or if I was cutting out a pattern or anything like that, I could also do that. So I’m going to keep these Select everything and I’m going to hit Weld Now. This is not HTV iron on its adhesive vinyl, So we don’t need to mirror anything.

So I’m going to go and hit, Make It So before you hit Make It make sure that you guys have chose the proper machine So say. For example, if I was using the Maker 3 or the Joy you’d go ahead and choose that here. If you need to.Mine is already set on the correct machine, so we’re going to hit, Make It And we’re going to get ready to send this on over. There

Today I am using the Starcraft material And then I’ve already got …. Let’S see here,

I’M going to go ahead and say on the mat and then I’m going to hit Done So I’m using my mat today because I’m not using any smart material.So. What I need to do is I’m actually going to hit Cancel You notice how this..

I can do two things. This came on to a separate mat because I didn’t change the color. This has to be like a little bit of a lighter black

And what I can do is either go back change the color, or simply I can click on these three dots right here I can say, Move Object and then we can click on our other mat confirm And then I can line these up. So I’m gon na go and grab it and scoot it on over Now I like to give myself just a little bit of gap in between my designs.

So that way I have room to cut with and everything So everything’s ready to go Once again. I do not need to mirror anything, because this is just adhesive vinyl, So easy peasy We’re going to hit Continue.

And then we are going to choose our materials. So give me just a second We’re just loading our machine here And then here we go So I’m going to choose for this one permanent vinyl, glossy

If it’s not popping up on your favorites, you can just simply come to Browse All Material and you can just start to type out either permanent or vinyl. So if I type out’vinyl’ just like this hit, enter I’m going to get all these different types of vinyls to choose from So I’m going to go ahead and actually use premium, vinyl removable! Well, it’s not removable! I’M going to do the permanent glossy.That’s. What I always just choose,

Even though it’s matte it’s what I choose And then we’re ready to go So let’s go and get ready to load this I’m going to switch my camera really quickly here. So that way, you guys can see me move this right in

Alright, so let’s go ahead. I’Ve already loaded this on the mat. So all we need to do is slide. These two feet Hit the Unload button And then it’s going to go ahead and load it inside really quickly.

Oh, I did something. Let me try it again: Okay, Not sure what I did, but it’s taking it now. I think what may have happened is my power cord

.. My power cord, I think, was kind of turned up like this, and it was. It was in the middle of that Alright. So it’s loaded everything Everything is good to go.

I’M going to hit go So once that flashing button, the Go button starts to flash we’re ready to go So hopefully this is gon na ….

Something just seems off with it right now. Maybe everything’s! Okay, Just give me one. Second, I’m just eyeballing it to make sure, Because when you’re live, that’s when everything wants to mess up,

Alright, so let me go ahead and switch you guys up here, really quick And let’s get ready to answer any sort of questions that you guys might have while cutting out. So you guys can see that there in the background, Let’s see.Will the mugs, be dishwasher safe or do you suggest hand washing

Whenever it comes to adhesive vinyl hand wash., And whenever we say’hand wash’, it doesn’t mean like just kind of soak it down in your sink of water. What hand washing is you want to kind of dip it down? Get your rag lightly clean rinse it out, Because if you let it soak in that water, you can let that adhesive start to get..

You know the water and all that is going to go underneath the adhesive and it can remove, But it lasts a long time, if you hand wash it, But if you just wash it, it will start to take those off over time.But. I am working on a video

You guys should see it over the next month, I think, or so I did a versus video Sublimation versus Adhesive Vinyl, to show the pros and cons. Alright. Is there any more questions? Can you change the words in the designs?

Yes, you can Once this is done I’ll kind of show. You guys that briefly as well, So what you can actually do is get rid of those You can’t actually..

I don’t think you can actually edit that text, but I could just delete that piece out bring in my own text and definitely switch that out as well.All right. Let’S see Is there anything else. Dollar bundle Event is Wednesday.

Yes, it is So we do have the dollar event coming up, So that is Wednesday and we will be going Live So I’m going to craft, I’m already gon na have some pre made items and I’m going to craft some with you guys.

So that way, I can show you guys messing around with some of these dollar deals files and things So Wednesday, But we actually come in at 11 Central Standard Time.So make sure you guys hit that notification. You guys should see that come up this afternoon.

Hit that bell, so you guys can see whenever it’s ready Or you can definitely check back closer to that 11. So we go Live on Mondays at 2pm, Central Standard Time and 11 for the dollar deal, So I’m so pumped about that dollar deal. Is there something we can use to seal it to last longer?

Yes, you can, You can actually use a dishwasher, safe …. I always say it wrong, but it’s Mod Podge

And that will actually help seal it up and last a lot longer as well. So you could just kind of go over that with it and to help ensure that the last longer, But they truly will Like. I did a dishwasher test one time and I did Oracle against Cricut. I do believe And they went through

I’M sure it’ll last, maybe one wash if you accidentally threw it in the wash I’ve done that before too, But you are running the risk, But if you just simply it can last a long time. I have a wine glass that has Arkansas State on it.

I’Ve had for several years now, So they can last a long time. I’Ve already answered that one. Can you do a video using the mug press? Yes, and we actually have several videos here on the channel.

But Stay tuned because we will be doing some of those live as well, But we do have lots of those here on the channel and I’ve got lots more coming up. Let’S see If you want to add text, is there any way to see what the font was used for matching At this moment? Sometimes in those files, there’s a text me and sometimes they do show that

I’Ll have to kind of go through there. Sometimes you know Cricut’s a little finicky, Sometimes there’s a text me file I’ll show that to you guys soon and it’ll show you what font was used.So I’ll. Try to show you guys that real soon

All right, let’s see, Will you be making any Valentine’s? Yes, we do. We are already working on some Valentine’s projects and we’ll also be working on some Live. We’Ve got a really cool one coming up so stay tuned.

Let’S see Anything else, Any other questions. Thank you guys so much for joining us today. We are so excited.

Every time you guys joining us join us live, it is just a ton of fun. It’S really nice to do these Live because I can interact with you guys and hang out and answer those questions right away. So you guys kind of know, So it really helps because I’m able to even show you guys our demo things as well.So, I’m really..

I think what is taking the longest is probably those pieces from the cow. Maybe I’m really hoping everything is going smooth, Because when you’re Live, there’s really no telling which way this could go Right or left

So now one thing I am working on too, with sublimation with these Dollar Tree mugs. While we’re waiting for this, I am wanting to do a video on sublimating these. There is not a special coating on these, So that’s a question we get all the time. Can you sublimate these And the answer is no as of right now, because there’s no special coating on it?

But I am working on it. There is a poly coating that you can put on these. I believe, there’s even a spray one. I want to get and try out I’m just trying to get it in the mug press, because this will probably work best in the cone shaped one. It’S definitely not going to work in the Cricut mug press because of that shape here.

But I am working on showing you guys a hack for that, But really honestly, that’s a question. We get a lot with sublimation The Cricut mugs truly or any other mugs. If you look at the price they’re really about $ 1 or $ 2, each So they’re not really bad, So I think it’s just having them accessible, but Cricut does have them in store.

Do you ever put the mugs in the oven to cure the vinyl? I have not, I probably wouldn’t just because the vinyl could melt, I’m not sure if at a low, temp..

But what I actually do to cure these, which I was going to talk about at the end, is you definitely want to let them sit aside for 48 to 72 hours, So if you let the set, they will cure, And so, if you try to wash them Right away, they could come off.So 48 to 72 hours, that adhesive really will bond to that. Mug

So that’s all you need 42 to 72 hours. So let me and unload this really quick. Alright, it went smoothly. I just had a feeling.

Okay, so we’ve got all of our pieces here, So let me go ahead. Nd drop you guys down really quick, so we can remove this from the mat And what I usually like to do is flip the mat over and then peel like this. There we go. Let’S get this out of our way:

All right, let’s get all of our pieces here, Could I get 37 Cents change? Thank you so much money for your super chat. I’M so excited Alright. So here we go.

So I’ve got … If you guys remember our live last time. I used this piece right here and I just placed it right back on top And that’s what we’re going to use today.

So if you guys missed it, this is a piece I use and I just roll it right back on here, So we’re going to use this today, So let’s go and get ready to weed this out, So we’re going to go ahead and weed. So if you guys have any questions, while I weeding this I’ll try to answer those

Or if you guys want to chat, we’ll definitely do so. So you guys, let me know what did you get for Christmas? Did anybody get any Cricut machines? Did anybody get any mug presses Sublimation printers

Anything crafty, I want to know, Drop it down below, I’m so excited. Let’S see,

Your blue mat is really sticky Now the reason why is because the last time I used it on a …, I used it on a paper craft project and I kind of used my scraper to scrape it off.

And I think the way that it …, I don’t know how to explain it.

The adhesive it’s a little bit stickier at this time, Alright. So what I’m gon na use is my little pin pen weeding tool here, Happy birthday, Happy birthday, Happy birthday,

All right, let’s see I’m going to go ahead and start to weed these guys out Now. The StarCraft stuff is amazing. I love it and you guys are gon na see me weeding up a small font. I think it’s super perfect for small font.

It’S fantastic Now I will say when it comes to these mugs, be mindful for super …, Sublimation, printer and brightpad Epson printer

Yay, That is amazing, I’m so excited Printer for sublimation Can’t wait to get started.

Oh you’re gon na have to check on our videos, Especially for 2022. I’Ve got some sublimation stuff coming up guys for the Epson as well, So stay tuned.I got the Maker. 3 bundle Yay. How exciting

I’M so excited for you guys Bought my first mug press for Christmas. Congratulations. I cannot wait to see all of your projects, Make sure you guys are using the # designbundles or # designbundleslive. If you are recreating our live projects, because we definitely want to see all of your projects –

Let’S see Also, we are doing a giveaway. I almost forgot to tell you guys, that.We’re doing a giveaway at the end of this live. If you guys are live, you guys are going to have a chance to win.

So use the # bundle to win the bundle that I’m using today. So the bundle that I showed you guys at the beginning, you guys are going to have a chance to win the entire bundle, So make sure you use # bundle for a chance to win. So super super excited Got a sublimation prniter

The weed is great Yes, this is so so easy. I’M telling you the Starcraft, if you guys have not tried it out. I highly recommend So we’re just going to go ahead and continue to weed all these pieces out. Here.Just, like so

I think I got two of my mugs bumping over here, So they’re like ding ding, ding ding. Let’S see I’m so glad to be on the Live today. Yay

Thank you so much, Let’s see, Let’s see hold on one second, Just starting out with crafting Have most of my things, press and printer

Just a little nervous, Oh, do not be nervous. You are going to do great. I know you are Alright. I want to show you guys something really quick.

I lost an A and an S.Remember how last time I talked about sticking this on the table, Don’t ever just kind of crumble. This Set it on the table. So if you guys didn’t join us last, live take this corner right here and pop it on the corner of your table on the side of your table.

That way in case you lose something you can go back for it, So I need to come back for this A and I have an S. So bear with me for just a second, The best one I like using, for that is this. Also, if you guys are curious, I’m using a pin pen

It has a needle in it and I do like to use it for my little pieces, The little intricate tiny pieces. I like it for that. I think I got a few pieces off of my coffee bean too. So just bear with me for a second I’ll. Go back and snag these

Let’S see Got me a sublimation printer and clamshell press, Congratulations, Lori, I’m so excited That is so so sweet of them to do that.

I’M telling you guys this is the …. I love seeing what all you guys get for Christmas, because I really think that’s the time that we stock up on our craft stuff. I also like for myself because that’s when you can get good deals as well.

For example, like sublimate, like your Sawgrass printer, usually the ink goes 20 % off and things So I really like to stock up. Does anybody else like to stock up on blanks or craft supplies Epecially like Michaels? I love to go in there and stock up as well.One more piece here.

I’M sticking it to the …. Yes, Favorite trick.

Yay, I’m so excited Christina, So I’m telling you because it’s definitely worth it because you see I had to go back for a couple pieces. I think I’m also missing an I. I lost a lot of pieces today. I got a little crazy

So, let’s see, Let me go back for one more piece here There we go.I think that was my last one. I’M going to double check everything really quick.

So we’ve got one … By the way, guys if you guys joined us last live. Did you see where I put my letter upside down? I know that all of you guys were screaming at me to flip it back around

And I, as soon as we got off the live, I flipped it around. So if you guys were watching that cookie trust me, I realized as soon as we got off Okay. So let me see here Remember to use that # bundles for a chance to win At the very end, we’re going to do a giveaway using the entire bundle here.

So I’m super excited for one of you: lucky winners to be crafting and you’ll be able to craft with it ASAP. So whoever wins it’s so nice, because you just simply shoot them an email and they will send you over that file. Asap and you’d be crafting with it within seconds.So. They are pretty quick at getting that done for us. So let’s see here Missing the’ G,

.., Hey now see There you go. Thank you so much

Thank you, Yaou saved me see, And I was listening this time Adulting, You know what

The whole thing I think, because I welded it – nobody pay attention, I welded it and I lost it during loading. So let me go back and look really quickly. That’S one thing that you guys want to make sure you pay attention to Hold on one second here:

Yes, Let’s see if we can switch you guys back up to my screen here, really fast.I want to show you what I did So when I went to weld this. This happens. Sometimes You see right here.

Now I’m missing the G.. So while I do this mug ignore me Pretend this is not there. Sometimes, when we do this, let’s go ahead and hit the undo button And I’m going to do it one more time because I’ve welded this one

Let’S see Okay, one more time, One more time, It should undo this one Give me two seconds, while I’m undoing

I think I’ll have to undo it one more time There we go, So you have a G popped right back in there. Sometimes, when we will deselect everything I’m going to hit Weld, it’s so close that it just disappears So make sure that you guys are superduper careful

So what I would actually do, instead of welding, I would hit Undo. I would select everything and I would just hit Attach, So you don’t always have to hit Weld, So you could just simply hit. Attach I like to hit Weld because see how it still stays is like multiple pieces.

Whereas when I hit weld, it came one, So I would definitely hit Attach on this file if you guys are going to use it because that can happen.And. This is not the only one It’s just Cricut. Sometimes that happens and it likes to do that.

Okay, so we can go ahead and switch us back down here and we will finish weeding all of these pieces out. So thank you so much for noticing that, for me, You guys saved me. That’S what I love about this. Let’S see!

Add the apostrophe and it’s southern, That’s right! I love that Love it Adultin’. I love it.

So cute It just fixes everything Alright, so I think for this one here, I’m trying to …

Let me eyeball, One of the things is too: have you guys got a Bright Pad? I do love that for weeding. It does really help. I’M just kind of lazy, sometimes Also another piece that went away. Is this coffee bean

So I lost some of my pieces in the coffee bean, So those are lessons to be learned today. The differences between welding and attaching.Sometimes, it’s better to attach, because it’s going to all cut in one one spot. Still It’s just going to avoid. You know missing any pieces up.

So let me get my last two little pieces and then we’ll quickly weed our our cattle and we’ll pop these two together. Alright, let’s see, I can’t stand when those pesky letters disappear. I’M telling you what it really..

Especially when you go through this entire project and then you notice that you’re missing those pieces Or you gift it to somebody, and then they say something: it’s like you didn’t even notice.I’ve done that too, or have stuff upside down or reversed, And I don’t even notice And then somebody else pointed out:

These ones right here, this cow, is my absolute favorite to weed out because there’s so much fun. Let me go and get in here. It’S almost like a puzzle. It reminds me I guess, like a Mendela or something Popping them out and seeing them come to life. It’S just gorgeous

So just coming in here and popping all these pieces – and you can slowly start to see my cow pop in here.These – are my favorite Even just to sit down and weed these like a puzzle for fun is just so much fun. Love love, love! So I’m gon na go ahead and weed this piece here.

But as you guys can see with a Starcraft, it’s amazing It weeds like a dream, So I’m just going to go ahead And with this pin pen this little tiny needle really helps for these little bitty pieces here Go in here and get this

Sometimes I can’t multitask and talk at the same time So bear with me. While I get these little bitty pieces, While I’m doing this once again, I need that weeder, It’s awesome, So it has like a little bitty pin in here.

And we get this from 143, We may already have it linked down below, for you guys It’s one of our favorites to use here. We use this as well as just the Cricut weeder like this. I work between the two

But for teensy pieces … And it definitely is a learning curve, So whatever you first start weeding with one like this. What I do is, I kind of

.., I don’t go straight down, I kind of have to go at an angle and poke it and then pop up And also with teensy pieces. You can, you know sticky

I just pop one off. I could stick that onto another one and it’ll pick it up And I’ll keep doing that over and over and over again and then kind of pick it off. If that makes sense.It just kind of helps, grab onto itself and pick another one up when you’re in like a little tight area, So I love it.

So, let’s see # bundles, Got a Maker for Christmas Yay, Let’s see If you just bump it out a couple of decimal fractions, sometimes it’ll correct. Yes,

So that’s another thing that you could do.You could definitely just ungroup that little set of words there and you could definitely just bump it over And that’s what I do with font. So whenever, for example, if I type out Samantha and if I go to weld it all together as one and I lose it I’ll do exactly what she just said, I’ll sort of bump it over just a teensy tiny bit until it fixes

So, yes, that is 100 % true, You can also do that as well And, like I said it’s more of preference, whether you weld or attach at that point, because, basically I’m just making one file, I don’t have to do that and attaching does fix it as Well.Like, I said it’s just kind of preference of which one you’d like to use more

I just … I’m prone to hitting Weld more than Attach, Let’s go ahead and see if I can snag this little guy out.

What it’s wanting to do is pick up all my pieces and I don’t want to do that. So whenever I get to little pieces like this, it kind of … I hate when they want to try to pick up on ourselves, because you can sometimes tear them or distort them.

So I’m trying to be superduper careful There we go Sometimes these little guys like this want to distort and get a little crazy And these little pieces. I don’t really like to get this intricate for coffee mugs because they are more prone. There’S not a lot of adhesive left to hold onto your mug

So that’s something to keep in mind As well as, like I said, working with teensy tiny little font because those are going to be more prone to fall off. So definitely keep that in mind. So I’m going to go ahead and keep on waiting these pieces Make sure you guys are using that # bundles. Also, if you guys have any questions or anything, definitely drop them down below

We will be doing Q & A at the end in case there is any extra questions Once again, we did get to open up the Super Chat, So we are so excited aboutthat feature as well as the Super stickers. So as we were trucking along..

.I can’t even speak today, I think this holiday has me so messed up. So as we are trucking through this live, we are learning new things and we are so excited about our new features, No problem.

If it keeps doing it in group, the letters and you can manually move it over. Yes, you can, You can definitely manually just move it over and bump it. So I can definitely tell you guys. I have learned a few things along the way. That’S how I am you know:

You just kind of … Once you’re playing with it quite a bit, you just kind of learn what works best and the easiest, Because that stuff will happen right there inside of Cricut Design, Space

Alright, I think I have all of my pieces Check out how cute this cow is. How adorable is this Now there were several in this folder. If you guys remember On this file, there was several of these little guys.

But I think this would be so so cute to add somebody’s name So say, for example, when we pop this on the mug in second, I think it would be so cute to add somebody’s name on the back or somebody monogram or even right here to be Like mom life or something, I think would be gorgeous.I wanted to show you a mixture like I said of these, So let’s go and get ready to pick them up. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to try to use the same transfer tape? A couple of times,

Let’S trim this down just a little bit And let’s see here, You guys, let me know down below, Have you guys made any Dollar Tree mugs And what’s your favorite kind of mugs, to make You guys like making them like this? Or do you like to do? Fonts

Let’S say, quotes or silhouettes, Would you rather do a silhouette or quote So? I want to start off with my super cute cow, because I’m just moving on with this little fella, It’s so cute.Alright, so the next step is what we have to do. Once again. I take the corner of this and I just pop it on the corner of my table.

And now that I’m done with this, I stuck my pieces of the extras right here Now I can go ahead and get this ready to throw away and see how I was able to go back. So here we go. So what we’re gon na need here is we’re going to take our cloth. I’Ve got some rubbing alcohol in one of these little spray bottles.

This is actually a hold spray. Bottle.You could get these on Amazon Hi Joy. Welcome this morning, Loving the bundle

Hopefully I’ll be able to get it before it expires. Yes, joy. This is an amazing bundle Or maybe you will win it today. So Joy make sure you use that # bundle Started with Dollar Tree

Now Mug Press: Are you loving that Cricut mug press? I love it so much Or do you have a regular mug press So for the alcohol you could just put it in one of these bottles.

It makes it so much easier because then you’re able to just kind of force it like this. Now I also see from the Dollar Tree. There is like a little pump up thing, So you can like hit that pump up and then rub it just like. So Now, like I said, I don’t always use rubbing alcohol, I just use this little cloth like so

Now these little eyeglass cloths come with lots of things like your new screens for your phones etc, and I throw them all in my craft space, Alright, so there we go Just like that. So what I’m going to do these right here, these squeegee tools are my favorite right now, because of these two lines.So. These two lines really help my mugs stay still.

So I can pop them on just like this and really get them nice and straight So sometimes I’ll, even take like, for example, this right here. My little …

Just to kind of hold that handle up Lots of different ways to do this, But if you guys have not snagged one of these little scrapers with the centers here, you could just do this to hold it center for you right And then we’ll come back to It when we need it, But we need it right now.

So move that out of the way, So I usually keep two of these on hand. I just didn’t have a second one in the studio here today. Coffee filters work great. So, yes, those do work great as well for cleaning your mugs

Great tip there So usually I have two of these on hand. So what I need to do here is pick up our little guy, So I’ve got my piece of transfer tape. I’M gon na go down.

Now from the Dollar Tree, if you wanted to do all of this from the Dollar Tree, they do now carry vinyl and they also carry the clear contact paper, which is for your shelf To line your shelf some drawers. You can use that as well, So you could get everything from the Dollar Tree. They even have weeding tools that look like Cricut, weeding tools.

They have everything So we’re gon na go ahead and do this I cut a noodle and taped together and use that as a cup holder. Yes, I have one like that too One of my subscribers one time had made me one with. I believe it’s like plumbing pipes and pool needles.

And it’s so awesome. I use that sometimes too, But I get a lot of questions on. Where did you get it from And I’m like? I can’t get it for you because somebody made it for me as a gift. It was so sweet.

I got mine from Amazon and they are blue. I love Amazon, Alright, so I’m gon na go ahead and rub this in just like, so Alright, so we’re just gon na go and rub it like that. So what we’re gon na do the best way to peel this is flip, that upside down

Peel at a corner just like this, There we go So now, I’m gon na do is I’m gon na bring back in that squeegee like I was talking about just like this.And we’re gon na line this up like that And then now what we’re going to do Is I’m going to hover over this

So I’m just going to try to hover over the center of this. I can’t see because I’m using my cameras, What I’m doing is I’ll go down like a taco. I start from the center and roll outwards just like so So then. What I’ll do is I’ll rub my finger in the middle and then rub one side and rub the next

It just makes it so easy Easy peasy, So you could definitely just rub this with your fingers. If you wanted to.Just like this Or you could come back in with that squeegee and really press that in to get it to bond

Just like that, And then the best way to remove this is getting it at a corner here And …

Oh, I love the matte colors, I’m obsessed with the matte Once I started using matte vinyl and you have to get in permanent because there’s permanent and removable I’m hooked. That’S my favorite

I think they just look gorgeous. You don’t have all that glare on them from the glossy, but look how cute this is. Is this not cute So something as simple as this? It doesn’t always have to be a quote. It could be a silhouette like this

Lots of different ones And, as you guys have seen in that bundle, there was football ones. There was basketball ones, lots of different ones.And. If you guys want a chance to win it today, use that # bundles for a chance to win We’re going to draw winner. Today, You have to be live to be watching for a chance to win.

So there you guys have it So so cute All right, so we’re going to pop that out of our way and let’s go and bring in another one, So I’m going to use that same transfer. Actually, I’m using the other one

I want to do this coffee one next, I’m going to go ahead and go down like a taco once again. Thank you so much Cheryl. So I’m gon na go ahead and do the same thing Go ahead and rub this down.

So this is going to show using a quote And you guys can see. I stayed within that 3.75, So this is going to be 3.75 wide instead of high And then this one’s going to be the height

So you guys get a little bit of different dimensions And you guys can see right there inside of Cricut Design Space, I got rid of those little garnishes. What do you call them? Those little things. Thank you so much joy,

So you know those little … little whoop dee boos – that I got rid of that was on top of this coffee You’re able to get rid of those pieces.

If I wanted to get rid of my coffee beans, I could get rid of the coffee beans, So I love that Also, you know just like. If we have like a die cutting, you know a little …

We would press them with a little die, cutting machine and stuff. We could keep. These are coffee beans, so we can use them with another Lots of different things that you guys could do Same thing with this.If. I wanted to use just this dog. I could just use that dog

So lots of different things to think about when you’re doing these and using these SVGs Alright, so we’re going to flip it over once again We are going to remove it. We got a little guy trying to follow us A couple of them.

And with this one, as you guys can see, if you guys caught my last live, you guys can see how much easier this is going.So that Cricut smart vinyl, that backing is super thick, So the backing from Starcraft and regular, even the regular Cricut, not the Smart. One their backing is crumbly right. It’S superduper soft, Whereas Smart Vinyl, it is so thick.

And that’s what makes it so hard to peel off unless you’re using the Cricut brand transfer tape. So here’s our super cute font, Let’s go ahead and get our next one We’re going to clean it again Once again, using a sprayer makes this so so easy

You can get the dollar. You know. Dollar sprayers at Walmart, wherever Dollar Tree has sprayers.I’m happy. I caught you live, I’m so excited that you are here Roberta, So we’re going to go ahead and run this down just like so cleaning it up Once again same thing:

Get this in here just like this And we’re good to go Another thing I want to point out: I’m always talking about saving stuff. Like I talked about these, You know you get them whenever you put your..

.The glass on your phones, I even had one that came with a spritz of bottles That really skinny ones. So, instead of tossing that out, I think it even has rubbing alcohol

I could keep filling it, So those are things to think about as well. Alright, so same thing, whenever it comes to a quote, I’m going to center it up Once again, I’m using my camera. So I’m not sure if I’m even straight, I’m going to go down like a taco

So you can see I’ve got my center down, I’m going to go down like that, So nothing’s, even like all the way down. Yet I’m going to go in that center. First, rubbing my finger down And then I’m going to run one way and then I’ll go back and I’ll get the other side.

I think the buckles might be just a little bit …, but that’s okay, So I’m just going to do it just like that.

So, coming down like a taco with that center, rubbing the center.Remember to ignore this, Let’s pretend that there’s a G there So we’re going to go ahead and just rub all of this out Now. What you could do is what I’ve done a billion times.

I’Ll go back, you know, and I would actually get rid of, And I would Contour delete all these pieces out and keep the’ G’ Quickly cut it out Pop it back on Call it a day. So that’s how I would fix that.

So I’m gon na go ahead and rub these down.We’re gon na. Take our little squeegee here # taco. Oh my gosh. I love it. Every time I’m like go down like a taco, All right,

It’S like Taco Tuesday in here, Except for it’s Monday, All right! So, let’s see here So I’ve got this little buckle in the D. So, let’s see, if I can attempt to fix it Yeah I was able to do that right away. So once you pick that up, sometimes, if you leave it alone, it’s completely gone.

‘Coffee because adulting is hard’ Now, once again, when I welded this, I lost a little bit of my design in my coffee bean And then I lost my G, But I could go back. I could actually pull this coffee bean off cut. Another coffee bean Cut out. My G., Like I said, call it a day.

So adultin is just a new slang. That’S right! Adultin, I’m just adulting today, Coffee, because adultin is hard Okay. So there you go Super super cute And that’s right because you know if you’ve got to have coffee. I already can’t speak today.

So technically I’m saying adulting right, Adultin is hard at time. Oh my gosh, I love y’all. So much You guys are just the best. I love hanging out with you guys.

Just make it Adultin’ That’s right, I’m gon na put the little apostrophe on there and that’s what we’re gon na do.We’re gon na call it at the end. Another thing is, you know what I’ve done. Sometimes, If it’s a little apostrophe I’ll take my vinyl here And y’all, tell me if y’all have done the same.

Say, for example, if I cut an I and I messed up I’ll actually go in here and I will snip. So this is a little thing to help you guys too, Because you can snip this all day long until you get the perfect eye And I don’t have to go back into the thing and cut out another one Cut this down just a little bit more

You know we’re gon na call it a day, So I’m gon na …. I could probably have made this just a little bit more skinny

And we are going to pop this right in here, because you guys made this Adultin’ So cute.Like. I said I could go back. How cute is that Adorable? I did not even have to go back in there.

It’S a very large coffee cup, So this one right here – I just love it, So you could definitely play around with this. Once again, I could change these colors since they’re all broken down. I could change this to pink. I could change these to brown. I could do all sorts of individual colors

Love, love, love, it Thank you guys for saving the coffee cup and allowing me to change it to Adultin’ So cute. So let’s go ahead and get our next one And I think I’m gon na go and do this, so you guys can look at them at the same time.So. Bear with me. While I prop these guys up so y’all can see them. While we work – because we are almost done

Bringing my scissors here Just like that, So make sure you guys are using the # bundle today to win for a chance to win this bundle, because we are almost done Also, if you guys have any questions, we are going to answer those Alright. So I’m going to go ahead and go down.

Now, once again, if you guys are a Plus member make sure you guys are snagging your six free files every single day up until December 31, because we are doing that Christmas event for you Plus members, Alright. So I’m going to go ahead and rub this now This would be so cute as a car decal. This would be so cute for T-shirts. Absolutely love this one.

This would also be really cute to sublimate on the back of a phone case. So just rub everything down, I’m going to flip it over Great idea, So so cute

Here we go Alright, so here we go So here’s our awesome design Be the person your dog thinks you are. I absolutely love this file here.

So so cute, I don’t have a conversation with humans until I finished my first cup of coffee Amen, I’m same here, It’s like back it up.

Let me get that coffee in and then we’ll chat. So let’s set this guy aside, if we don’t accidentally mess it up before we get there, So we are going to rub down our last cup Once again. Spray on this, I’ve been using this exact same one for the last probably six years.

I feel like it’s been a long time. 6. 7 years I just refill my alcohol Same spritzer. It’S amazing

I highly recommend Tim Holtz, Distressed sprayer, Say that 10 times fast Works, so so good. Once again, Amazon. We may try to link this down below afterwards, for you guys,

I highly recommend, Because you know how sometimes those sprayers just get gunked or go bad. This dude has lasted me years And it’s just perfect for projects like this to keep your alcohol in there.I love. The Plus event got some great files.

I’M telling you six files every day Jessica, I bet you’re, loving it And then the free fonts We’ve got fonts. We’Ve got stuff for our planners.

We’Ve got SVGs lots of different things. Alright, also, I got myself a planner, so you guys be prepared. We’Re gon na be making some planner stuff. This year.So stay tuned for 2022. Alright, so we’ve got it ready. So this design she decided to rollover here.

I think she’s still going to do it. Let’S see We can take a pair of scissors too. I don’t know what it’s trying to..

It’S okay, I think Yeah she’s, just …

Maybe some rubbing alcohol. You can see that Slowly, it just started to drift down. That’S okay! Here we go

So I’m going to … Hold on one second, I have an idea:

I’M gon na take my other ones, See. Have you have got it rolled up and now it’s like a double sided. Adhesive, I’m gon na pop that dude down right in the center Boom Now she’s not going nowhere.

So there’s another tip for you guys Alright, so this design here is a little bit different because this one’s length was going …. What do you

.. horizontal, I never can get horizontal vertical right. Anybody else,

Nope She’s, like I’m still going somewhere. I don’t know why she’s doing this, There we go Got it.

Stay Alright, so this one is going to be vertical. I believe Once again, I’m using my camera so bear with me to get this right. Hopefully, fingers crossed everybody.

So I’m going to drop it down. I went down like a taco # taco And then we’re going to get that centered here and we’re going to fold down one side of that taco.Take off our adhesive here And then we’re going to fold down the other one. Here,

So absolutely I love using the squeegee. It just works out, perfect Tumblers cups, all sorts of different things that you can do with this Make sure you guys are using # bundle, Innovation. I love it Alright, so we’re going to go ahead and use this squeegee here to rub it in So, once again you guys could see you could go nice and bold

So I went really bold on this 3.75 high, But you could bring it down even three inches and it’s still going to look. I love coffee mugs like this, where it’s really nice and bold. Once again, we will let this sit for 48 to 72 hours to let that in here.So it can bond with the mug. So we just gon na rub everything in

And once again that matte gorgeous Love, it love it. You guys, let me know, # matte or # gloss. What’S your favorite, I love matte # taco, I love it. So much Be the person that your dog thinks you are

So, look at this Three different …. I can’t wait for the planner projects.

I’M so excited you guys: We’ve got lots of different stuff. Coming 2022 I’ve been doing a lot of stuff in the background and I’m planning I’m using that planner to plan, So lots of fun things coming for 2022. Let’S see.I do too

I always pause and think I know I really struggle with horizontal and vertical all the time I have to really think about it, And you know as much as we ask ourselves that question we should have it by now, So you guys can see here.

I’M going to bring these back in here, so we can see everybody what we’ve made today. These are three different files, three different ones from that bundle, So each one of these came from a bundle that was within the bundle.So. I mean absolutely gorgeous Such a great bundle to snag up for your stash there.

Once again, if you guys are not, if you guys haven’t used Design Bundles if you’re new to it those files, you can download them whenever you want to, You could download it right away. If you forgot lost the file, had it on another computer, come back download. It again So it’s super super easy # matte. These are all wonderful, awesome tips.

Thank you so much Lisa. I hope you guys enjoyed this. So let’s go ahead and get ready for Q & A Let mego ahead and get my coffee cups up here. So you guys can hopefully see and then ignore my mess.I’m trying to clean it up here. While we get ready for our comments So bear with me for a second

I’M going to move everything out of our way to make sure you guys can see all of our super cute clips. Alright, let’s see What was the brand name of the vinyl you are using and where do you buy it Alright, so that brand is StarCraft and I actually buy it in the roll.Because. The Starcraft is so affordable.

You’Re, not even gon na believe it I get it from 143 vinyl. We have linked it down below, But I believe we linked it for the 12 x 12 sheets, but you can buy them in 12, x, 12, 12, x, 24, But I buy the rolls

They come like this and I just stack them together And what’s really nice is you can reuse? These rolls for lots of different things, And sometimes I even store other materials right inside of here.But. It’S a huge role and I get it in white and black because of my main colors, And then I get other colors in the 12 x, 12 sheets.

So StarCraft all the way and I really love the matte colors. Alright, let’s see Is this recorded, So, yes, it is recorded. So you can watch this over and over again.

Let’S see, I love that pen. Where can I purchase it? The pin pen here is from 143 vinyl. It is called the pin pen weeding tool.

And I believe, if you spend X amount of money with them, you could get these for $ 5. I do believe there is similar ones on Amazon, but I think we have one linked down below And if we don’t, we will start linking those for you guys, because it’s amazing, Alright, let’s see.What, would be a good starter printer If you’re just getting into sublimation, and You don’t want

.. It’s kind of hard because now, with a pandemic, the Epson printers have really went up. But if you’re just wanting to get in, you could start out with an Epson Like one of the cheaper ones that are like $ 200 And I’m not sure. Because there’s a lot of different numbers:

So say, for example, I think I have the Epson 2760. I have a couple different ones and there is …. Starcraft actually has an ink out in the market.

But if you could splurge, I highly recommend the Sawgrass SG 500 to start with The tech support that you’re going to have with it and all of those things I highly recommend Sawgrass, all the way.Alright. Let’S see, I thought I ordered a permanent vinyl and received temp. So can I do the same crafts with it?

If you got removable, I would not do coffee.. Which..

Let me take that back. Removable will become permanent over time, So it’s removable for so long, But over time it will become permanent.

So if you actually let it set a little longer than the 48to 72 hours, probably more, If you let it set for a couple of weeks And if you hand wash it really baby it, But, for example, if you bought removable on accident, use them on signs. Anything inside.Decor

Lots of different things Key chains. I have key chains that I’ve carried for years with removable and it has not budged a bit So lots of different things. You can still do with removable And remember. Removable will eventually become permanent.

Also, I have done car decals with removable and they’ve not went nowhere. Let’S see # bundles. Is there any vinyl? You can bake onto ceramic mugs, Not that I know of I do believe with the heat that it would start to melt.

Because say, for example, I talked about this in the last video.I made some signs on metal for Christmas and we stored them up in our attic And the heat from our attic actually melted that adhesive on the back. So when I pulled them out this year, they were crumbled into one mess in the center. So keep that in mind.

All right, let’s see, Do you need to seal it. You definitely do not. Once again, you don’t want to throw these in the dishwasher. You want to hand wash these

And when we say hand wash, we mean you know dip it down into your sink water, wash it out gently wash this and rinse, Don’t just let it soak in your sink and they’ll last a very long time, if you do them like that.And, also for the Sealing you can use dishwasher, safe ModPodge if you do want to seal them. Where is the scraper from This one right here? You can actually grab these from Amazon all over 143 vinyl has them for $ 2 and something

But most places you can snag these. I do even believe like Silhouette. This is what theirs looks like, But really check around, because these are only two bucks. So when I order from 143 every time I order, I grab another one or two, so I can have all over the place.All right. Let’S see,

Is there any more, Let’s see, Are you only able to use the Cricut specific mugs? No, you can actually use any sort of mugs, So any mug it can be any sort of mug any sort of sublimation blank. You can use them there.

They call their mugs, I believe 12 and 15 ounces, but you can actually …, I believe, they’re 11 ounces in reality through like if you were to JPP or Conde, or anything like that, Amazon.You could still fit those in there.

So you can use any other brand that is made for sublimation. Let’S see, Can you put permanent vinyl in the dishwasher? I have done the dishwasher test and it has withheld it. But after probably two to three times it’s going to come off.

Now, the first time, if I had real small pieces, I’ll, probably lose a piece or so, But these big pieces will kind of withhold more than the small ones, But after probably the second or third time, you’re going to start to see some stuff come off. All right, let’s see, Do you have to mirror your image before

No With the mugs, you don’t need to mirror because you’re working with adhesive vinyl, So if it was HTV for the T-shirts you mirror, But for projects like this for mugs and signs, you don’t need to mirror. Let’S see,

Have you ever used a vinyl shield? It goes over your vinyl and it is …. I have not

I’M going to have to look that up.So, I have seen say, for example, Sparkle Berry. She has this really cool stuff. I’M going to show you guys very soon. I think. Actually, I have some in a box over here.

It is this glitter, So it’s a glitter … So say, for example, right here: the vinyl adhesive vinyl, it’s glitter,

And what she’s done is say, for example, your patterns or your solid. You can actually put that over it and it turns it into a glitter. It’S really neat, But that probably would help a little bit too something to look into. But I’m about to look at the vinyl shields. We need to make note of that.

Why do you use spritz with alcohol again? The only reason why I do this is so that way, I don’t have an alcohol bottle and I’m having to like pour it on there. It just makes a so good to spritz it wipe it and it just makes it so so much easier. You don’t have to do this.And once again. Recently too, I have just been using a dry cloth.

I don’t even use alcohol every time, But the alcohol is to remove any sort of oils or debris which will help your adhesive vinyl last a very long time. Alright, let’s see, I need to get a heat press Which one should I get

Depending on what you’re doing, If you’re just doing simple crafts, I would go for the middle Cricut 9×9. That’S the one! I always recommend for cricut over all others, because it’s very versatile You could do several presses to get a big press.You could do the baby onesie. Still and all those things, So I really say: Cricut 9 x, 9

But if you were going to get into a bigger heat press I would go for, for example, Stahls A to Z is very affordable. I think it’s still like 500, but it’s going to last you the rest of time. It’S not going to go bad and it is by far one of the best presses on the market. Alright, so I think we have..

I think that was our last question, so let’s get ready for the giveaway Alright. So let’s get ready. So good luck to everybody! I see we have

.., I think it says 427 here.So. I am so excited, So let’s go ahead and hit Draw and good luck, guys.

So whoever gets this, I hope you guys craft some goodies, Make sure you use that # designbundleslive, so we can see them. So, let’s see, Congratulations. Lesa Is that Lesa or Lisa Pat Edwards

Make sure you guys email, I believe it is mail @ designbundles.net for your price, So all you have to do is shoot them an email. Let them know that you have won today and you will get your bundle.

And you could start crafting ASAP, So thank you guys so much for participating with us today. We are so glad that you guys joined us once again. I hope you guys enjoyed this. I hope you guys are going to make yourself some Dollar Tree mugs for this. Next year,

They make the perfect gift, So I hope you guys enjoyed this, and I will see you guys on the next one Bye for now Read More The NEW Cricut Heat Presses: EasyPress 3 Hat Press & Autopress

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