Hello guys and welcome to Til Vacuum Do UsPart. Today’S video is all gon na be righthere in my kitchen. I need to declutteri need to organize. I need to labeli need to clean it and then we’re gon na putit all back together. So if you’re needingthat type of motivation today is theday for you, so if you’re new here goahead and click that red subscribe, buttonand, let’s jump straight into today’s video, so here is a beginning look of how the kitchen isstarting!

I know it doesn’t look super cluttered ikeep, a lot of things off my countertops, but a lotof. The spaces inside definitely need it, but i didwant to just show you a before and then before weget started decluttering, i’m just going to takeeverything off my countertops. It gives me likea fresh, like blank space to work with, and i alsowant to wipe off all the counters before i puteverything back, i’m really good about cleaning offmy countertops, like i wipe them down, probably twoor three times a day, but i don’t move anything soit’s. Really. Nice occasionally to take everythingoff and then it kind of shakes things up so ifyou want to put those items back in a differentspot.

Once you pull everything off, it gives youthe freedom to do that. If you just move one or twothings, it really doesn’t shake it up, but if youtake everything out of its spot and then go backand redecorate, you definitely can change it up. I didn’t feel like i had much out on mycountertops, but if you see here it kind of fillsup the tables there’s more than you realize andthen. Once you see the kitchen without any decorum, it’s super white and super empty, so it’samazing. How, like a few pieces, can really justlike warm it up.

This is what it looks like whenwe, like first moved in, i feel like i haven’t seenthis in a while, especially if i would take thesebarstools away they’re. The only thing helping itit’s, basically an all-white kitchen, as you can see, is this is gon na be the first area i work onbecause, it shouldn’t be too bad. I think i’llbe able to move through it really quicklythe main area is down here. I need to take allof this out. I need to like sweep it out, plusclean it it’s just like really dirtyfrom our appliances being down thereand, then i’ll.

Rearrange it better. This drawer isfine i mean i could tweak it a little bit but it’sworking really. Well, i can add some coffeesthere, but this system is working really welli’m, going to tweak a few things in herebecause. We have like coffee, mugs hereand. Here we have water cups, cutting boards andthen these wine glasses.

We never touch. It’S justif, like friends and family, come over, but i mayneed to declutter some of those. It feels likewe have a ton up there for people that don’tdrink and then this one, i think, is fine as wellit’s just more for serving purposes when we havestuff there. I am right there, so i think that’sfine. So i’m just gon na quickly work throughthis one.

So then i can mark it off the list lookingthe. Only one who brings me back to life. Sothis space is actually really dirty. So i’mglad i’m getting to do this because it definitelyneeded to be cleaned out and then just reorganized. Well, my floors are dirty nowbut.

At least my cabinet’s cleanjust, a little tip anytime, you’re cleaning out aspace, definitely clean the items before you putthem back in. If that’s appliances, if it’s makeupwhatever, it is be sure and just wipe it down, and now it is so much better. I should have donethat a long time ago. It’S clean, it’s organizedthis is like everything that was in thereso. I will definitely be cleaning my floorsat.

The end of today’s video, but i want tofinish working on the other cabinets firstbut. This always makes me happy when iopen up a door and it looks like thisnow. This is the area i’m most excited to work onjust, because i want to make it more functionallike. I said earlier, if i could clear out one ortwo of these drawers, so i could have extra spacethat would be awesome and just have all of it downhere. So i’m going to clear all this out and i’malso going to show you the products i bought toput in here that hopefully is going to help so far, still, okay, so to make this space work, betterand, just look more pleasing to the eye.

I’Mgonna use two things. I got some containers fromthe container store. I actually don’t have onethat close by it’s a few hours away and we’rejust never out that direction. So i just placedan order online and what i picked up were likelarge shoe drawers, so i didn’t notice any drawerdividers for underneath the sink, but these arejust for shoes and they slide so well and theywere, actually really affordable and what’s niceis you can like stack them on Top of each otherso, i’m really hoping this is gon na work, wellunderneath the sink and then once i’m finishedorganizing it i’m going to take my Cricut Joy, andlabel these and i think it’s going to look so cuteand. Then you’re going to see what’s inthere i’ll see when it’s getting lowso.

Let’S take all of this and all of this andmake it look pretty. I do want to thank Cricutfor sponsoring today’s video. If you haven’theard of them, i’m sure you have but Cricutis like a smart cutting machine that allows youto, create personalized projects with hundreds ofmaterials. So you can customize whatever you wantit works with a software called design space andi’m going to show you how to use that and itcomes free with your machine. So that’s whereyou can create projects and browse through likehundreds of images for fonts designs.

It’S a reallycool system, i’m showing you right here, all thedifferent labels you can choose from and some ofthem are already designed. So you can customizeyour own i’m going to show you how to do thatbut if you’re not creative, and you just want touse something that they’ve already designed youcan. Do that as well, and they have some really neatones, especially for your like kitchen and pantryso. I didn’t want an actual label, i just wantedthe words and they have some of the coolestfonts ever i’ll. Look this one up and put itacross the screen right here, because it ismy all-time favorite.

What i do is basicallycreate one and then i just duplicate it over andover and over. So all of them are the same sizeand. Then i go in and change the word forwhatever i’m needing so this could be your cerealthis could be your pasta. For me, it was my cleaningsupplies since i was working underneath my sink, so this software is really easy to useso in the design space you can create itand. Then it cuts it for you, through the Cricutjoy and even if you’re doing like actual labelsi didn’t realize until the first time i usedit it even cuts it out.

So all you’ll have todo is peel it like a sticker and put it on nowsince. I’M not doing that type of label – i’m doinga words, i’m going to show you how i use transfertape to put it on, and it is super easy. I promiseyou’re going to see me i’m going back and forthi’m trying to show you how i’m organizing buti also want to show you how i worked on mylabels, but i promise you. It is super easyit’s step by step and it’s gon na even tellyou. What to do?

It’S gon na tell you to loadthe paper. If you need a pin, it’s gon na tell youto put it in there if it needs the razor bladeto cut. It’S gon na prompt you every time. So youdon’t have to worry about not knowing what to do when you’re cutting a lot of words out it islike programmed to put them all close togetheryou can override that. But i don’t the reason itdoes.

That is because it saves you vinyl, so ifyou print them out. Real spaced out you’re gonnawaste a lot of product that you don’t have toso it’s just like a money saverfeature built into the system. I also highly highly highly recommend gettingthe little tool set that comes with it it’sgoing to make your life so much easier, it’sgoing to make the projects easier to doand. It just comes in a set, and i alwaysuse those pieces, i’m not going to lie. Ikind of feel.

Like a dentist, ora hygienist, when i’m doing itbut you’ll thank yourself for grabbing thosebecause, it really does make it easier to work with so you’ll see once you pull off theexcess label you’ll have the lettersthat’s when you’re going to take thetransfer tape and just put it over Thoseletters – and this is where you’re transferring itonto so you’re just going to kind of rub it outand, then you’re going to pull off the whitepiece of paper and right here you can seethe word and it even has like a nice grid on itso. You can make sure you’re getting everythingstraight, i’m going to show you how to applythose, but once we get to that time in the video, so here is an update. So far it’s working outreally! Well, i still have stuff on the sidesi have stuff. I don’t use very often on the backof this, so if i need to reach back there and getit or just take one of these off, i can butthese side items.

I can grab pretty quicklybut the stuff i use the most are gon na be righthere in the center and then in the drawers soi’m gon na clean out these drawers over hereand see if i can fit like sponges in heremaybe, even some cleaning cloths and then these Twoitems, i still need to find a spot for and then allof this stuff, i’m decluttering right now. I’Ve gotthis feeling i’m a feeling. You could be the one. I see no reason i honestly enjoy organizing it may take somework. It may stress you out when you’re right, inthe thick of it, but once you’re done it’s justso rewarding it’s something you can go, look atand be proud of yourself.

You can show your familyit’s just nice to accomplish something especiallysince, we live in our homes and we see them dailyit’s, just so good to take care of them. Just a protip cut your sponges, especially the magic erasersif. You go pick up a big one. You’Ll end up. Wastingthe whole thing on a small project, but if youjust cut them into force, they last so much longer, so i’m not much of a hoarder.

You guys know. I’Mless is more. Unless it comes to blankets, andcleaning products, i’m sure you can tell by today’svideo. I just love keeping both of those on hand iwant all i can get and i’m constantly trying tofind new ways to organize both of those issues. Like i mentioned earlier, these drawers were fromthe container store and they were super affordableand guys.

I am loving them it’s creating. So muchmore space and storage and this small littlecabinet i wish i would have grabbed these soonerbecause i’ve needed them in, like all my houses, i’m going to like this system, so much better ilove that i can even sort my cleaning cloths bybrand, because you guys know i Have two thatare my favorite i’ve been using this onesince before i was here on youtube. I found thisone during my youtube journey and love. It andthey’ve always been all crammed together, buti’m gon na love that they’re underneath the sinkwith, the cleaning bottles. So i can justopen up one cabinet and grab what i needi’ve got refills right herebut.

I love that i can likeseparate these out and now i’m gon na haveso much more space for my drawers over here. I wouldn’t know what to do. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. I feellike i’ve been wasting so much storage in thishouse and my other two houses. I love that thisgave me vertical storage, so anytime, you’re, shorton, space or storage, try to go up, try not to justcover the bottom, but go up and that’s what it didit’s.

Given me, two empty drawers over here i’mnot even sure what i’m gon na do with it. Yeti’M so excited to figure it out, but now all mycleaning products are under here. So let’s goahead and get these labeled, because it’s goingto look even better when i’m finished doing thatokay, i have to admit that the container store, andthe cricut joy are like the perfect combinationand. Just another tip as well: i don’t know if ishared this earlier, i think i’ve shared in othervideos when you’re using your qriket joy, you canuse it from a desktop or you can also do it. Fromyour phone and today’s video.

I showed you from thedesktop because i’m normally doing it for my phoneto me. It is so easy just to open it up on yourphone and then it like bluetooth to the cricutjoy and you print it. It is super easy and i alsolove the size of the cricut joy. It’S really easyto take with you. So if you need to do a project oryou’re going to a family member’s house and wantto help them out, it’s just something you can likeload up and go.

It’S not heavy, it’s not bulky, it’sjust simple and you can make the coolest thingswith it. So you can either get your house. Organizedyou can do gifts for friends. You can do giftsor projects to make money or all of the above, oh and another tip, because it was youlovely, ladies, that shared it with meyou can use the same transfer tape overand over and over. So i used to put a newtransfer tape on each word and you guyssaid.

I could keep using that same one soi just made sure it was big enough for thebiggest word and it worked on all of themso. That’S another money saver for like allthe products, you’re buying and it’ll helpyour products, last even more so just keepthat in mind when you’re doing your projects. I also wanted to show you some other projectsi’ve done in the past, so you can see the differenttypes of labels. You can make so if you want togo easier where you just peel the label off likea sticker and stick it on. You can do that justas easy.

So i feel like there’s so many differentthings you can do with the cricut joy but now i’mgoing to show you the before it wasn’t terribleyou can tell by it here, but look at the after itis amazing i catch myself just walking in thereand like opening up the Cabinet doors now justso, i can look at it i’ll sing until my lungsthanks again to qriket for sponsoring today’svideo, i’m gon na add their link down below inthe description box, so definitely check thatout. I promise you will not be disappointedand, then i’m gon na also add the containerstore link, because i feel like you, needboth of them in your life um. So both ofthose links are going to be down belowso. I have a little bit of a mess going on. Buti am so happy with the way this turned outright here.

You can just see thedifference that labeling makesit looked really good, beforebut, there’s just something aboutputting the labels on there. It just looks 10 timesbetter plus i can store so much more down here. Sonow, i’m going to work on a little cleanup, andthen we’re going to finish up the rest of this. Now i want to figure out what to do. Withthese two drawers now that they’re emptyone issue that i’m having are the towels sometimesthey get stuck and all of our like oven, mitts arehid back here in the back they’re normallyorganized, but apparently they’re, not todayso.

I think i’m going to put these towels downhere. I do not have it in me yet to close thesebecause. It looks so pretty so they’re just goingto stay open for now, but let me move these towelsdown, i’m still going to have a lot of spaceso. I’Ve got to figure out what to do with itif. I haven’t already posted my living roommakeover, i’m not sure what order i’m puttingthese up in right now, but if i haven’tyou’re getting a tiny sneak peek of itright here and i promise you it’s gon na be upreally soon if it hasn’t been posted alreadyokay.

So this cabinet just used to be only likeparty and hosting supplies, and it kind of is alittle bit of a junk cabinet now. So i think i’mgoing to pull some of this out and put it here. Imight one day use this for something else: i’m justnot sure what to do with the space. So i’m goingto try to split these up, so they both make moresense. It’S not a hundred percent yet, but i thinkover time i’ll figure out how to use the spacebut here’s.

How this cabinet looks this is alllike party decorations, so it’s leftover new yearsand christmas plates and birthday plates that wayif. I just need to throw something together. I haveit all over there. It’S even like happy birthdaybanners i’ve got extra like forks and knifesand napkins and straws, and all of that thereum this one i’m not sure what to do with yeti’ll, eventually figure it out. I like this onei’m sure i might use it for something else.

Tooor. If i have like, i bet, i have more of these inthe washer, and so they might all fit. But itjust takes a lot of pressure off this smalldrawer, because now i can open it up and get itespecially when people are over here, helping mecook they’re like where’s. Your oven, mitt andi’m, like it’s in this drawer and they’re likethat’s towels, and i’m like it’s in the very backso at least now. When they open this, they can seewhatever they need to and grab whatever theyneed to use.

So it’s just nice to kind of havethe overflow. Even though these aren’t beingused all that well yet at least nothing’s likecrammed, on top of each other next up let’swork on this cabinet, i’m not sure if i’mgonna be able to do a ton with it, but i thinki can definitely make it look better than that. I wan na put you in that spotlight. Sothis, isn’t a space that i get into oftenbut when the holidays, roll aroundi have to have all these piecesi feel like thanksgiving and christmasand easter. We always have my family overand.

If we do any birthday parties or just familygatherings, i need these pieces to host. So i don’tuse these daily, but there’s still things ineed just to get through the year with hosting much much much better. I can actually get toall the things i need to minus, like the woodum cutting board back there i may need to movethat, like all the top is like silver and thenall. The bottom is white, except for the glassbowl, so i might eventually move those two piecesi’ll. Probably take it out right now, just to seeif.

It looks better, i kind of like the idea ofkeeping like like things together. This is areally good setup, so i like that all like mysilver serving dishes and platters are upthere and then right here all my white ones. Areso now i just have a few items: i’ve got to figureout if i’m keeping using decorating or if they’rejust going to get donated. This is the cabinetabove, my microwave, so this is basically wheni’m hosting a lot. So i have just this stand.

I usethis all the time. So i kept it towards the frontum, just like a tray or platter to put stuff onthis is for cake pops back there in the backi use this anytime, i’m makinglike peach tea or lemonadeand. Then i have like the cake dish, stand and thenthat’s for more drinks. When people come over, soi’m gon na keep this all up here, but i feellike everything’s, looking really good so farbefore, i start putting all my decor back. Outi do want to just wipe down all my countertopslike i mentioned in the beginning of today’s videoi.

Don’T do this very often i clean my countertopsbut. I don’t move the items so there’s always alot of like dust and crumbs back there. So i justwanted to know my whole kitchen was completelyclean, so it was worth just taking everything offand. Then i’m gon na shake things up as i put thingsback and try to put them in new spaces to see ifi like it even better. I noticed when i was goingthrough the design space software.

They had reallycute labels for like flour and sugar, so youcould take glass containers like these theywere super super super inexpensive, they’re likesix dollars, and then you can make really cutelabels. Those would be even really good likewedding gifts or, if you’re going to like awedding shower it would be super inexpensiveand. It would be a really neat gift to give. I did a switch. These two sides up, i’m trying todecide when i walk into the kitchen.

If i like thisbetter or the wood, i’m trying tofigure out how to arrange theseas well, so how many cutting boards do? I need therei think i might take the black one away again ithink. I liked it just being all wood and theni’ve just got to decide which side i want it onso. I currently have a lot of wood tones goingon in my house and i’m not mad about it justbecause i feel like it’s really warming upthe space and it’s making it nice and cozyand. The best thing you can do to it is just tolike lean into it.

So if you have a wood piecesomewhere in the living room, add like this a fruitbowl or cutting board right there in your kitchenso. It pulls that color into another space andthen, it just all, starts to like make sense, andit, just kind of makes it flow. But now that i’mdone decorating i’m done wiping down my cabinetsi’m going to give my tile floor, agood cleaning because there’s crumbseverywhere and then i’m going toshow you how everything turned out. I can’t believe it. It is finally done so ithought i’d, walk you through some of thesecabinets, especially the ones i didn’t openthis one’s, not perfect, but it’s just all oflike the water cups of savannah’s.

We have allof our silverware here um. This is like all ofthat fun, stuff pots and pans. Aren’T perfect butyou know you just kind of stack them and move oni think i showed you, this cabinet earlierthey’re just our cups. This is all of our plates and then i showed you all of those. I think i’veshowed you inside everything.

Let’S look at thisone again. It’S just too good to skip out on okayguys, and that is it. I hope you guys enjoyed itkitchens, always take so much more work than whatyou, think they’re going to or always does for mebut. It’S always worth it like it’s one of thoseprojects. You get done and you can like feel it youcan see it you’re, opening up your cabinets, everyday and it’s just so nice to have things organizedand, to open it up to things that you’re only usingum in your home.

So if yours are super clutteredstart getting those decluttered, i did that wholeprocess and i’ve never looked back. I do keepexcess of some things just because we host likethanksgiving and christmas, but for the most partif it’s in there. We use it often. So, thank you guysso much for watching. If you’re new here go aheadand click that red subscribe button, because i posttwo new videos every single week and i’d love tohave you here.

I hope you guys have a wonderfulweek and i will see you in the next one bye. Thanks so much for watching and again thanksto qriket for sponsoring today’s video look at beautiful stars. I wan na drive a faster car, Read More Free, Daddy and Me SVG Files.

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