Cricut Heat Press

Cricut Heat Press – Are they Worth the Money?

So, your looking for a Cricut Heat Press to go with your Cricut cutting machine. You want to move to the next level. To start making T shirts, Tote Bags and Cushions to name but a few things. You have your SVG files. Your HTV vinyl. You have cut and weeded it but now is the big decision. Which Cricut Heat Press do I need.

Well, you have a choice and we will do our best to help you choose.

Cricut Easypress Mini

As you can see, this is the smallest in the range. It’s main uses are for adding HTV to shaped objects. This will include caps and stuffed animals. I have personally used it to add small logos to t shirts. It is great for the smaller jobs and does not need much pressure applied to it. It has 3 heat settings. Even on the hottest setting it is ready to use within 30 seconds. Weighing in at only 0.75kg its light and portable. The only downside is that it does have limited uses.

Easypress 2 Cricut Heat Press

For our next offering we have the Easypress 2. Capable of precise temperature control upto 205°c it is the Easypress Mini’s big brother. (or sister) This version measures 9″ x 9″ (23cm x 23cm) so is much better for your larger projects.

Easypress 2 from Cricut

It boasts things like a ceramic plate and being compatible with all major brands of HTV. The size of it still makes it great for portable use. With an insulated heating base you will never end up scorching your work surfaces. As you can see, this can be used on many of your larger projects.

Easypress 2 Large

As the title suggest, this is the largest of the range. It measures a whopping 12″ x 10″ (30cm x 25cm) And it has all the features of the model above. If you are a believer in bigger is better this is the model for you.

Cricut Heat Press – Are they Worth the Money?

So, this was the initial question. Are they worth the money. Well, I am going to answer this question from two points of view. Are you looking for something portable and easy to carry? If the answer is yes, then the Cricut Heatpress is for you. Do not buy it for the brand name. Buy it because it does what you need it to do.

Do you have a heatpress at home already? I do, a large clamshell type. Could I make use of a Cricut Heatpress? Unfortunately the answer for me is no. Ultimately it would sit gathering dust.

So in conclusion ask yourself this. Am I really going to make use of i? Of course if the answer is yes, go for it!

But if the answer is no, save your money!

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