Common Mistakes While Using a Cricut

Common Mistakes While Using a Cricut

One of the most common Cricut mistakes while using a Cricut is not using the proper protective cardstock. The paper that you used for the previous project should not be reused. My butcher paper infused with the previous project and ruined my EasyPress mat. While it may be simple to put paper on the cutting mat, replacing your equipment is a bigger hassle. To avoid this, use a mirror image of your Cricut machine when cutting.

Common Mistakes While Using a Cricut
Common Mistakes While Using a Cricut – Butcher Paper

Cricut mat isn’t sticky enough

Your Cricut mat may not be sticky enough. There are several ways to restore it to its desired stickiness. For a more permanent solution, you can purchase a repositionable adhesive spray or quilt basting spray. Then, you can test the stickiness of the mat with a clean hand. If the mat still feels a little bit too sticky, try reconditioning it by rubbing a t-shirt on it. This way, the adhesive will coat the mat evenly.

You may also use a lint roller to clean the Cricut mat. These wipes are especially helpful for removing dirt, debris, and other particles stuck to the mat. They should be alcohol or bleach-free. Once they are dry, you can restick the mat with more glue. If the problem persists, you may need to repeat the resticking process. You should also take the time to thoroughly dry the mat before continuing.

Buying knockoff brand vinyl

When you are purchasing vinyl for your Cricut crafts, you should consider the type of project you will be making. Different types of vinyl require different cutting methods and applications. When purchasing a Cricut craft vinyl, it is important to understand the difference between adhesive and repositionable vinyl. Listed below are the types of vinyl you can use for your projects. These tips will help you purchase the correct vinyl for your project.

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Cutting fine fabrics with a rotary blade

When using your Cricut Maker to cut fine fabrics, it is important to use the correct rotary blade. This blade is a little bit smaller than a traditional rotary blade, but it is still effective at cutting fine fabrics and woven materials. Make sure to choose the right mat for the material you’re cutting, though, because not all fabrics are suitable for the rotary blade.

For intricate cuts on bonded fabric with an iron-on backing, you can use the Rotary Blade. This blade also comes with the same features as the Cricut Premium Fine Cut Blade, including pink housing. This will help you identify the dedicated fabric cutting blade and extend its life. This blade is compatible with the Maker, but it will not work with other brands of machine. It is a part of the Cricut QuickSwap tools.

Hopefully that you know some of the common Cricut mistakes while using a Cricut, it will stop you from making the same mistakes.

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