🤩 5 Dollar Tree Crafts With Cricut

Welcome back to Design Bundles YouTube channel, If you guys are new here, I’m already on a regular …. We are live today.

Welcome back to another Live here with Design Bundles. We are excited because we’re doing another Dollar Tree tutorial. We are doing five crafts, So I went to the Dollar Tree. We haven’t had the craft supplies

So I found all of the good stuff I found the adhesive vinyl that everybody has been sharing. I’Ve got some patterns, glitters, adhesive, vinyl.So, I’ve had everything out and tested it, and I’m going to give you guys my thoughts on it. There’S glue guns, there’s all sorts of things:

So I’ve grabbed some craft supplies. I grabbed some blanks, So we are going to be creating 5 Dollar Tree crafts today, So you guys definitely check it out.Now if you guys want to enter the giveaway. You guys just enter # bundle in the comments down below for a chance to win. If you guys are watching on YouTube or Facebook.

So let’s go ahead and dive right in Alright, so let’s go over the supplies first here So we’re going to go over what supplies I’ve kind of picked up and then I’ll give you guys my thoughts as I go along.So as you guys are joining. Tell me where you guys are from And then also let me know what you guys are crafting today.

And then the other question is, I would love to know what material Have you guys picked any of this stuff up? What do you love? What do you hate? Let me know:

So once again, if you guys want to enter that giveaway today, use # bundle: Hello, hello from New York, Hello from East Texas, Hello from Michigan, Hello, hello,

Alright, so let’s go ahead and dive right in So we’re going over supplies. First.I’Ve grabbed some adhesive vinyl here, So I’ve got some basic colors. Now I really love that they’ve done the little window here.

So, depending on how you store these in your craft room, you guys are going to be able to see that here or at the bottom And then it says’glossy”matte’. All of that. So there’s glossy there’s matte And then the one thing about this is it’s 12 x 48. So it does come with quite a bit on here.

So you guys are saving a little bit if you guys purchase, for example, StarCraft, But with the cells and everything it is a little bit cheaper, probably with the Starcraft And then once again, I’m going to give you guys my true thoughts here in just a minute.The One that I did really love out of all of them was the pattern. There are several to choose from

I picked up the buffalo plaid because it’s a classic It’s something that you can use for the holidays, Halloween Christmas. We can use this for St. Patrick’s Day Easter Summer, all sorts of different projects right

So I picked up the pattern, So we got some adhesive vinyl. Yes, this is a tip from me. The glue guns are $ 1, okay, So $ 1 for the glue guns.

I can’t believe it And they have the glue stick. So I picked up a package of the glitter glue sticks. They do have the regular and I do believe that they also have the fabric glue sticks. This is my tip for y’all

So one thing that I hate when I have my glue gun is I hate whenever I’ve loaded a glitter glue stick and then I have to waste it all, because I need to go back to regular glue.So. What I like to do is I like to keep different glue guns for different things, So regular glue fabric glue and then glitter glue. So I highly recommend you snag these for a buck and then load in say, for example, the glitter or the fabric glue in those It’s going to be perfect for that

So we’re going to test it out today, So I’m going to go ahead and plug this in so it can start heating up Now I want to tell you guys a scary. Little thing Years ago I have a history with glue guns, this size. It was one from like the grocery store, so don’t you know from a big store, you guys know.

Don’T get scared, But I actually had one blow up in my hand.So. It actually scared the heck out of me, but I didn’t have any damage or anything like that. So I can see we have to attach this little guy ourselve a little stand. So I’m gon na go ahead and pop it in

No big deal For $ 1 I’ll, take it, But this little guy just kind of exploded, But I learned at a craft, show you’re not supposed to lay these on the side You’re supposed to stand them up.

That’S a little tip for me. If you guys are going to take your chance with these Dollar Tree glue guns make sure you guys are trying to stand those up. You guys can make your DIY glue stands and all of the things, But I definitely want to start this off So that way can get it heating up, because we’re going to use it in a minute for a project.

So we’re just testing out and creating crafts with all of these supplies. So I’m plugging this in here and we’re going to preload. I don’t think there’s any sort of lights, so we can’t see what’s happening, But I do have a little heat pad that I’m going to put it on here And then we’re going to load a glue. Stick!

But I’m going to put a green glitter one, So I’m gon na open this up.And. I think it comes with 15 sticks for $ 1. So it’s definitely a good deal. Welcome! Welcome As you guys are coming in, I’m so so excited

I heard someone say: use the washi board saying to cut the vinyl. I was about to say that You are going to want to use the washi tape settings because I have …

I didn’t test it out, but I was going to recommend that okay, I’m gon na get into the details in a minute, So I have loaded the little glue stick Here. You guys can really see that. How cute is this?

So cute for a buck We’re gon na, let that warm up Alright, so step one.Let’s keep going into our adhesives that we have here. This is one thing you guys know that we think creating those three dimensional projects with the 3D circles and squares

They have them So I’m so I’m so so excited So for our 3D projects, we’ve been doing the papercrafts like the shadow box, They have them And each one has

.. This one has 264 And then the squares you’re gon na get more bang for your buck, because they’re almost the same size but you’re wasting it in the packaging 528 pieces. Guys

So if you guys grab these grab the squares, I highly recommend So I’m excited to try those too Alright. So we got those And then more adhesive.

There is liquid adhesive like this, So we can use it on. Wood.We can use it on plastic leather paper, cardboard trunks all the things, So I think our cards, So I’m really excited to test that out as well, but we’re going to test some of these things in another video

Now I know there is some weeding tools and scraper tools that look like the ones we kind of use from another brand that they’re carrying, but I couldn’t find them in my store. So I did find these little guys. These are actually piercing and scoring tool sets. But I’m going to use it as a weeding tool. Now I’ve already weeded by stuff out, But one thing I also thought was: we could use the ends of these for, like a squeegee tool right

So you could weed and you can squeegee So I’m going to test the squeegee out just to see how that works. We’Re gon na try that today And then a few more pieces that I picked up here was felt.So. I’M so excited

And you can cut this with your Cricut Explorer 2, your Cricut Maker, your newer Cricut Explorer 3. So I picked up these packages of felt Each one comes with eight pieces And then so you have like more of your really pastel colors and then you have your brighter colors here. So it reminds me of the Cricut brand for sure. It’S that thinner and more sturdy ,’stiff’. If you will felt

So I’m really excited about that. It definitely cuts nicely, But what I did to cut this out was on the back here. You can see this white I added on some heat and bond, So I got this at Hobby Lobby for $ 3.

99, So you guys can grab some from Amazon and stuff like that. So what I did was I just turned on my heat press. Whatever it was on, It was on 320 and then it says 10 to 15 seconds, So just cut down little pieces. You guys can hopefully see here

So I just cut down a little piece here and then I applied it to the back.And that made it more sturdy And I cut it right there on my blue Cricut mat, So I was able to cut that out. Hopefully, you guys can see how nice that cut out

Really really nice, So you guys can use these with your Cricut machines. So super excited about that And then it looks like our glue gun is working and heating up for us. So that’s good!

Now I want to go over the blanks that I did get today too, and I’m going to do that as we kind of get into our project. So let’s go and start making some stuff. I’M gon na go and get this out of the way. Now, once again, if you guys want to enter that giveaway, if you guys are on Facebook or YouTube, use, # bundle and you guys will get to pick a bundle of your choice, You guys can start crafting with it today.

So we will pick a winner at the very end, We’re also going to do Q & A.So, if you guys have any questions along the way, drop the questions down below Now. We also have some people down below, For example, like Britney

Agata, I do believe, is down below. We have a few team members down below that. Can help answer those questions, Alright, So first project, I want to start with our glue, gun’s actually ready, but I’m going to start with the Cricut EasyPress. I’Ve got my Cricut EasyPress, set at 315 for 20 seconds.

So the first project we’re actually going to do, let’s just scoot this little guy out of my way a little bit.Hopefully those are drawing because I don’t want to get my mat gunky, So I’m gon na bring in my Cricut pad. I think this is drying. Okay, perfect

So I’m gon na scoot those out of our way That one was not completely dry, but I’m gon na get it out of our way. Okay, The very first project that I’m making is …

I’M going to make sure this is kind of clean here, because I think it’s a little messy.I’m gon na make sure …. Oh one more thing I forgot to show you guys. I also found foam sheets

So we can cut these out with our Cricut as well. Look at these colors, So lots of different colors. This was 32 piece, I want to say there was a bigger package of them as well.

But there was foam Once again: we can cut these with our crickets and Silhouettes, and things like that So excited about that, and so let’s make our first project So the very first project we’re going to make is this little zipper pouch.So. This will be perfect for back to school.

Whatever you want to do, You can even do makeup in here There were several different colors to choose from And also I do believe you would be able to sublimate on this. So that’s what’s exciting as well.

You guys can see this nice little zipper bag right here, Superduper nice. Once again you can sublimate on it or you can apply your HTV, So the HTV that I’m actually applying today is Siser. This is their Sparkle.

It looks like glitter, but it Caesar Everyday EasyWeed.So, it’s just their basic, but it looks like a glitter, So we’re gon na apply this. So what I’m using here, Cricut EasyPress – I have a pressing pillow, I’m actually gon na fold this little guy and get it stuffed right here inside

Alright, We’ve got a Cricut pad underneath I’m gon na layer. This up here Put my name on here. You guys can see everything: okay,

Get this on here Once again, as you guys are joining, we are making five Cricut crafts today Use …

I’Ve already put everything out using my Cricut Explorer three, So I’m going to cover this up, The font that I am using today. I do believe we have it linked. This is called Mini Grain. I’M going to go ahead and hit Go here for 20 seconds.

I’M have it at 315 for 20 seconds, I’m hoping I’m not going to melt my little bag or anything like that. This is called Mini Green. It is only 1 Plus Credit. We have it linked down below you guys.

So I just wrote up a name Samantha, But you could definitely do like an offset on. It would be really nice as well.Alright. So here we go Perfect, perfect And then this should be a warm peel.

I’M gon na go ahead and get our pressing pillow out of there. Now this would be a perfect project for our little mini Cricut EasyPress. It would be perfect. You guys can see. I pulled that off with that 9 x 9. I’M gon na bring that up.

So hopefully you guys can see that shine and sparkle.So. That is Siser sparkle, So it looks like glitter, but it’s actually just their Siser Easyweed. So it’s really really nice. So that came out super cute

From the Dollar Tree, it would make a perfect gift for a birthday gift or back to school. Like I said, Alright Project 1 We’re going to get this out of our way because I don’t think we’re going to need our EasyPress.I’m gon na shut that off. Let’S go into our next project:

So since we have the glue gun – let’s jump over there next For the next one, what I did is we’re doing a sign, So I’ve already cut out. This is where I started: testing out the materials. This is where we’re gon na get in there, and I’m going to give you guys the information for the adhesive vinyl

So I have cut out …. I cut off the buffalo plaid here, So this is the Dollar Tree buffalo plaid, as you guys can see here.

And then this green is actually from Starcraft, because I didn’t have a green on hand.So. Hopefully you guys can see that So I cut out March Now. This is one file and then I just changed each piece. So this is that little three leaf clover that I cut out.

You guys can see that backing And what we’re going to do is glue that So I’m going to create a super cute canvas, I’m gon na apply all of my adhesive vinyl first on here.And, then I may come back in. You know apply by my four leaf clover. Last

You know what I’m saying Alright, so let’s go ahead and start to pick up our pieces here. So what we’re going to need is some transfer tape. I’M gon na start with that March. Now I’m going to go ahead and get my transfer

Don’T drop it down below So I’ve got my transfer here and we’re going to go ahead and cut us a piece.I’m using …

This one is from 143 Vinyl, But I wanted to point out that you can pick up contact paper from the Dollar Tree. I totally meant to pick it up And so two things you could pick up contact paper from the Dollar Tree and you can also pick up freezer paper, The freezer paper. Instead of picking up the Heat and Bond here, you can pick up freezer paper and you can apply that to the back of this as well and cut it.

So you can also do that instead of going and having to grab something outside of the Dollar Tree, So you could do all of this stuff with the Dollar Tree. They have canvases. You could do a reverse canvas lots of things. Alright. So the first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to go ahead and pick this up here.

But remember I want to test out that tool, I’m going to try to use this as a squeegee here So y’all. Let me open this up. I wish I would have saved something to weed which I do have some pieces. So first up, let’s talk about this. One since we’re on it,

This one was amazing. I do love the pattern, It does have a thicker backing on it like a normal adhesive vinyl, but that is the one I would recommend Out of all of them. I do recommend the pattern. It came out really good.

So we’re going to use that little scraper tool and it works perfect Yay. I am so excited about this y’all. So what we’re going to be able to do is weed, So you guys can see. It’S got a little fine point on here.

And I think these are both two different sizes. One is super small and one’s thicker, So we have those And then the ends. It works perfect. So we’re going to have it in one. So you don’t have to have two different pieces.

It’S working amazing, I am so excited. We may have developed a new weeding tool, So I’m so excited about this one. Okay,

Make sure I have everything set about where I want it, so I can visually see this. I think I’m gon na come in somewhere right about here. So what we’re gon na do is we’re gon na flip this guy over Peel it off And that wedding tool. It did

It really worked well, So we’re going to now line this guy up. I’M gon na try to keep everything …

I’M trying to use my camera to see So once again, gon na take that squeegee tool here and we’re going to use this for our squeegee.I feel like this one made it a little bit smoother than the other. I think there’s like a little bump in the center that we may want to kind of take your nail file and file down, But other than that working great

So I’m superduper excited Alright, so here we go. We are going to peel this Now, if you guys are just now joining us, remember, to use, # bundle for a chance to win We’re going to do a drawing at the very end, and you are going to be able to pick a bundle of your choice.

If you guys are over on YouTube or Facebook And then also, if you guys have any questions, leave them down below and we will do Q & A in just a bit Alright. So we’re going to pick up our next piece. I should be able to use that same piece right here, So this is going to be picking up the Dollar Tree.

So this is the Dollar Tree pattern, So we’re going to go ahead and pick this one up, now.So we’re going to use that squeegee. Once again, I’m absolutely loving this squeegee y’all, So so cool

Okay, perfect Flip it over Alright, so it got on here nicely Once again, you could pick up contact paper from the Dollar Tree and it would work perfectly for your’carrier’. If you will your transfer sheet We’re gon na go and rub that down.

Take our little squeegee once again, So this is project number two. So if you guys are just now joining us so far, we have made a zipper bag with HTV. Now the HTV was not from the Dollar Tree, but the zipper bag was So we did that craft and now we are making this sign.

So we are using a mixture between adhesive vinyl, we have Starcraft and we have the Dollar Tree pattern. We have cut this out with a felt, So I’m really really excited about that. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to use that glue gun And I used that green glitter glue, so it went better with this color in case it came through

So I’m going to go ahead and just get a little bit down here on the back. Let’S spread that out. I should have loaded another glue stick, but I think that’s going to be good enough. We’Re going to just line that up. I think that looks really cute.

I’M so so excited Perfect, So we have created a little sign, So this is using their felt and then we have the pattern here as well. So cute

I love the way that that one came out, So I really hope you guys have enjoyed that So so cute Love it Alright. So project number two

So let’s go ahead and move on I’m going to go and unplug my glue gun.No longer needed, So that definitely works. I do think the glue comes out really fast. So that’s to notate the glue is definitely making a puddle compared to

.. I mean it did kind of come out quick. So, like I said, I would use it specifically for the glitter, glues and that’s pretty much it, But it does work.

So if you need one for a buck, you can’t beat it.Alright. So there’s that Now, let’s get into our next one, I want to do..

Let’S do a coffee, mug, Alright! So of course, if we do a Dollar Tree Project, we have to do a coffee mug right Now, I’m using three colors Two of them are from the Dollar Tree and then one is not because I didn’t pick up a purple.

But there was a ton of color, So this is a mug from the Dollar Tree and then here are those colors. So this blue here is from the Dollar Tree, and so is this pink. So they are this one right here and this one. So hopefully you guys can kind of see those there

Boom just like that, Alright, so those were cut out Now. This is where it comes in. To talk about that, so I was actually going to cut out the’love’ with the glitter, So I do not recommend this stuff.

This is where one of you guys had recommended at the beginning to cut this with the washi. I was going to recommend that right away, So that was going to be my tip. I didn’t try that one, but that was going to be. My next step was to try washi. This stuff is superduper thin.

So I tried out two different ways: Number one. I tried out … The first one here was using

..This was using the glitter adhesive vinyl And you can see, I mean it just gummed it up popped it out. It is really

.., It’s very delicate, Very, very delicate material. I wouldn’t really wash a mug

I definitely would not put this stuff on the mug and try to wash it It’s going to come off right away. I just wouldn’t even use this period Honestly, even if it can cut with a washi. I highly would not recommend This is with using the regular adhesive vinyl settings like glossy

You guys can see how it just kind of really butchered that up And like I said this is like really… This is like tissue paper to really get that across This stuff is like tissue paper.

So I do not recommend this stuff at all. You’Re wasting your money. Definitely just you know, purchase something that you know and love Alright. Now this is where

.. To talk about the hit or miss on the adhesive vinyl, so you know if it was something like this, where it was big words like this right: They weren’t just fine, Alright, so you’re able to weed these out.

Sometimes it’ll pop off, but it was definitely …. Bigger words like this are okay, But if you tried to get into some delicate stuff – and hopefully you guys can kind of pick this up on camera, it would just gum it up.

And then you couldn’t even weed it Like it would just gum it, But if it was like here’s another one, I was able to..

I was able to weed this one alright, So it was hit or miss. Like I said I was able to weed some of these. I know you guys can’t see them because they’re white

But some of them it was just downright gumming up. So this was another one where it was bigger word, so it’s like hit or miss, but then it would just pull pieces off and they would end up in my roller.It’s almost like once it cuts it. It just no longer wants to stick to the backing. It wants to come off. So my personal opinion, I think the Dollar Tree adhesive vinyl, is miss

Minus the pattern, I love the pattern, We’re fixing to try these ones on the cup, but I wanted to get to that point. Okay, So I tested these out for y’all. I think it’s a miss

I definitely think if you do Starcraft for how much you’re getting the sales all the time, I definitely think you’re doing the same amount or less And you’re never going to have you’re not going to have those messed up moments. These are going to be hit or miss every time you use them. Okay, I highly do not recommend the glitter, But that’s what we’re here for

We’Re here to test these out for you, so you don’t waste your money.Alright. So let’s keep going into our projects here Now for this purple, I’m actually using StarCraft for the purple, Because once again I couldn’t use that glitter. So we’re going to pick these up and I’m going to attempt to get them all on one piece:

I’M going to bring in Give me just a moment: y’all: Let’s go ahead and cut a piece here, Big enough, So I need like a little square going on

So, as you guys are just not joining, we are doing 5 Dollar Tree crafts. We have done a sign and we have also done a zipper bag with an HTV and now we’re doing a coffee mug.So. Two of these are the Dollar Tree vinyl and one is not Alright. So I’ve got my mug here. You definitely want to clean it.

I’Ve already done so Get my handle propped up, and I think what to do this side You’re going to go ahead and prep it up like so, And actually I’m gon na getthat on my way, I’m gonnaattempt to pick all these up at one time, like I Said

So I’ll bring in this parchment, This is just another little tip for y’all. Alright, so take yourself some parchment paper Once again, if you guys have any questions drop them in the comments below, We have helped down there from our team and I’m gon na. Do Q & A here in just a bit

Okay, So’Teach’ was first, So what I’m gon na do is I’m going to go ahead and pick this guy up right away? We’Re gon na use my little handy, dandy, squeegee tool, So we’re going to go ahead and pick this side up just like so

All right And then we’re going to go ahead and flip it over remove it and then we’re going to line it up for our next one.Here. We go Now I’m going to go ahead and line this up Right about there.

Take that squeegee tool, and then we are going to pick it up again Now, if you wanted to, you could put a piece of parchment in between these. So that way you can visually see It pretty much, helps you just kind of line them right on top right. It has something to grab on to your transfer sheet sheet.

So you’re not getting it all yucky if you will Alright. So I think something like this looks pretty great And I’m going to go ahead and get this one out Now. This design actually was a PNG for 1 Plus Credit and I actually used it as an SVG Alright. So here we go

So we are going to go ahead and flip this guy over Here we go So we’re going to go ahead and get that coffee mug. So we are ready to go So you guys can hopefully see this

There’S a super cute design, I’m loving the colors for sure.So. I think …

We’Re going to put it to the test, so y’all bear with me. Give me a couple of weeks, I’m gon na. Let it sit around the house and really adhere right to the mug, because you want to wait 48 to 72 hours, I’m gon na. Let it sit at the house for about a week, or so I’m gon na do a wash test for y’all

So just stay tuned and I will bring it back into another, Live in another week or two Y’all just stay tuned and I’ll bring it back after a wash test. So we can see how it holds up Alright, so I’m gon na take that same little squeegee tool. Hopefully you guys can see this here And I’m just going to rub across all of that.

So if you guys are just joining us, this is a tool from the Dollar Tree. It has a weeding tool on one end and a scraper tool on the other. We have two in one Alright, So we’re gon na go ahead and get an angle here and slowly peel back

And there you have it Look at that: color combo.Is that not super cute, So the Dollar Tree mug using Dollar Tree adhesive vinyl The purple is that StarCraft

Hopefully, you guys can see that there Alright, so we’ve got our mug, So so cute Ton of fun. Now, let’s go into

.. We have another one, So I’ve got three other with the adhesive vinyl. So here’s our next one

I found these super cute. There were several to choose from It’s like a little journal here. We could create our own planners. It has this little little tie on it like this

So it’s really fun And I thought what we could do for one you could add stuff on the sheets like this would be really cute too. To put some inspirational quotes right here on the inside.And. This is like a velvet, It’s really nice. Alright, we can peel the sticker off and put something on the back as well.

🤩 5 Dollar Tree Crafts With Cricut

So, let’s go ahead! What I did inside of Cricut Design Space – I actually created an offset So that way I have like a two layer here, So I’m gon na try to pick both of those up. Once again. I can actually use that same parchment and get them to go down at one time. Alright,

So we’re gon na pick up our offset layer. First, All right, I’m gon na go and use my squeegee just because this is such a big piece. You guys have seen it in action. It works great with a little squeegee there.

So we’re gon na go ahead and peel this. You know what I did this backwards. I’M gon na have to do it one at a time. I should have picked up the blue layer. First

That’S: okay, Alright, so we’re gon na lay this guy down, So you guys are going to get to see how to layer. You guys we’re doing a two step, So I was going to do it in the center, but I think I’ve decided to kind of move. It down to the bottom a little bit like so

So we’re just going to go down in the middle like that taco and then just smooth everything out, Take that squeegee tool and rub everything in Alright. So there we go So we’re gon na go ahead and peel at an angle and remove So you guys can see layering this

Now I do want to point out right away. So, let’s see, if you guys can see that, Can you all see the flowers through that? So this is the Dollar Tree white. So that’s another thing to keep in mind. Look how transparent that is!

So I’m not sure if that is something that you guys would be interested in, but it’s definitely you know …. If you’re not a fan, you guys could definitely save your cash Alright. So now

.. Years ago I had found some …

What it was, is you know that stuff you used to put on your schoolbooks back in the day. I think you still can do it. It’S basically like shelf liner and it was some colors and it was perfect. It definitely was adhesive vinyl. So this stuff is not like that.

This stuff is a little bit more …, Just really thin. The paper backing on it is super thin.

I was actually afraid it was gon na stick to my Cricut mat. To be honest, So I’m going to go ahead and just heal this way. Both of these once again are from the Dollar Tree, Both colors here And then, once again, all of these designs I have linked down below, for you guys,

If you guys are a Plus member, these are only one Plus credit Check that out So cute. I really think that offset kind of helped scan that out. So I wanted to show that, because you can take any design and spruce it up or separate it from that background by adding an offset

There we go, Hopefully you guys can see that there. How cute is this? You guys can personalize your very own planner books. I think it’s a ton of fun.

But once again you guys could definitely do the back of these books or even add little things right here on the inside, So definitely a fan. So you guys, let me know what do you think down below Love? Love love, Alright, so let’s go ahead and come back in

I think we’ve got 1 2 3 4 and this will be our last craft So for our last craft here ignore my mask guys, I feel like we have a huge mess going on. I’M gon na try to pick up just a smidge That way it doesn’t look like. We have a whole bunch of trash going on

So you guys bear with me Alright, so here we go Make sure you guys can see. Everybody can see Alright,

Get that out of our way there Here we go So for this one. We are going to do these planners, So I found these in different colors. They were just barely setting them out when I got there.

So they have three different colors. Look. How cute this would even be to stack up. I definitely would even just stack these buckets. I love the color combo Reminds me of very boho vibes.

They have this green, that is gorgeous.I, love it And they’re matte, so there’s just so so pretty And you have a terracotta. So nice right,

So terracotta with green and then we have black, So you guys can see. These are all matte, Absolutely love it. So I thought it would give you guys a little bit of inspiration, Even if you guys don’t recreate exactly what I’m doing today. I hope it gives you guys some inspiration to get out there and craft today.

Now, if you guys are recreate any of these projects, make sure you guys are using # designbundles because we want to see.Alright. So our very first design here is life is better in the garden and I have lost the’T’. So this is that adhesive vinyl from the dollar …. No, this one is StarCraft.

Sorry I lost the’T’, so y’all, don’t judge me on that when I got to put it on here, But I love this design. It was so cute. This was Starcraft and then these two were the Dollar Tree.

So I was able to save these. Hopefully you guys can see the thick backing from Starcraft versus the paper from the Dollar Tree. You guys can see that there Alright here we go. Let’S start, with’Life is better in the garden And I need to cut another piece.

I’Ve got to get my transfer, I dropped it again. These are transfers, I always save mine, because you can reuse these over and over. These are actually transfers that we’ve actually used in a previous video

Now remember, if you guys want to, we are our last craft. So if you guys want to enter that giveaway use, # bundle for a chance to win a bundle of your choice. The winner will be chosen, live at the end of the show and then we’ll do Q & A here in just a bit. So let me go ahead and get this. We are gon na be ready to go Alright, so we are going to pick up our first one.

I’M going to go ahead and try to decide. I think I’m going to do the first one on the green here. Alright, I’m gon na lay my little bucket.I need something to kind of help.

I can use my squeegee, But I’m gon na go ahead and pick this up. I use my transfer tape until I can’t anymore That’s right, because that’s where you’re going to save some cash is definitely reusing it Because I mean you can use them over and over again.

I know when I first started crafting. I was just tossing them out because I didn’t realize – And sometimes I do just depending on how small or whatever it is. But if it’s a really big piece, I can cut it down like I’m doing today. So hopefully you guys can see how super cute this design is. I love it.

Alright, so let’s drop my mic, so you guys bear with me Okay, so we are going to get ready to drop this. How cute is this on the green? It’S just popping off so nice All right. There we go

Here we go, I’m gon na go ahead and come down the center. I’M going to work my way from one side here and then I’m going to go ahead and work my way to the next.Alright there we go Now. I may have to work one side down and that’s what I’m gon na do.

Just to get it to attach And then I’m going to work my way that way, So I think I can actually peel some of this, So y’all guys bear with me. The material on these planters are a little bit different.

Plus this is first right here. This one is StarCraft But, like I said, the texture is a little bit different on the bucket. Let me go and get that side and I could start to work this down.So. You really want to rub rub rub Now. I’Ve seen a tip the other day that you can use your heat gun to apply some heat to this, to heat up that piece of vinyl and it’ll help. It stick a whole lot better.

So if you guys are trying to put it on a surface like this and you guys are struggling pull up that heat gun, I don’t have mine with me right now, so I can’t do that for you all, So I maybe only be able to show you Guys one of these Well, actually, I want to show you another one, because this is StarCraft.We’re going to try out the Dollar Tree one. We are

.., I don’t think it’s too time consuming. I think it’s going pretty quickly, Almost got it.

Get the tire back in there But, like I said this adhesive vinyl is hit or miss It’s either gon na cut correctly or it’s not So it’s kind of like craft at your own risk with it. I just definitely think there’s better for the same price or less than

So I just highly recommend But good how cute that is, Is not that great on that green here. So let me go ahead and show you guys here How cute

I absolutely love the way that this design came out on the green. Now, once again, I lost my’T’, so don’t judge me And all of these designs are down below, So these will be perfect. Now I can throw a plant in here and I can gift it to somebody for a housewarming gift birthday gift, whatever it may be.

Mother’S days, coming up Father’s Day, Lots of different things that you guys can do with these.You know: graduation’s coming up, Kids are going to be moving to college and stuff

Getting their very first plant in here so cute, I just love this design, So we’ve got our green one. I’M going to set it here, so you guys can see and then we’re going to work on the next one. I think for the black one here. I’M going to do

.. I love this one. It says I know you guys can’t see it yet because it’s white, but it says’emotional support plant’ And then the other one is’less people more plants’

So I think I’m going to do’emotional support plant’. I really love it And I may have to kind of come down here, get a piece and then get the other piece. So y’all bear with me All right. Let me actually get the easier one first, since this is little

Okay, here we go Get my little guy here. Let me get my transfer again Alright. Here we go So I’m gon na go ahead and use my squeegees tool to pick this up.

So, as I said, it does have a little bit of texture. You kind of have to play around with it, as you guys are working this down, but not that big of a deal And then, like I said you can pull up that heat gun to probably even speed that up a little bit quicker, Obviously don’t apply too Much because you don’t wan na melt your plastic, But I did see somebody do that the other day and it was working so

Alright so same thing, I’m going to …, I don’t know if I want to go all the way at the bottom or I think I’m going to try to center this

Somewhere right about here Put one side and the next Alright, So I’m going to hold it down because my transfer don’t even want to stick anymore, So I’m gon na work. These guys down just kind of rub, rub rub:

And I’ll get doing what I can and maybe have we’ll have to come. Back.We’Ll see Alright come back in I’m just giving it a little bit more force than I normally would, and I think it seems to be helping. Let’S start here,

Get some pieces to release and then we’ll keep going Y’all bear with me as I slowly peel this off. It’S kind of like …

It’S a little bit tricky Now. This is the one from the Dollar Tree, but I think they’re both working similar, It’s kind of like that, wants to go up with the transfer tape, but it wants to lay down so you’re, just gon na have to baby it. I really wish I would have had my heat gun to you guys. Now we are getting ready for Q & A

So if you guys have those questions, make sure you guys are dropping them down below, because we will be doing that here in just a few and then use that # bundle for a chance to win.Alright. So I think that somebody’s trying to move We’re gon na take our little weeding tool here and lay it back down All right. One more

All right – And I think this will be our last one just because I’m kind of like on the struggle bus with it I’ll probably just do this last one because you guys get the point StarCraft versus the Dollar Tree, But I really love these designs.

I think there’s so so cute on here. Once again, we have them linked down below, for you guys, I’m definitely liking the Starcraft. It looks like the Dollar Tree. One is wanting to pop up and compared to the Starcraft, So it’s kind of like as I’m laying them down. I can look back and I can visually see pieces starting to want to come back up.

So I’m afraid for some of these Now something that I know that some of you guys are probably going to ask, is: do you have to seal them With it being outside? This is permanent. One thing I paid attention to with this is, it does say permanent, But you may want to go ahead and spray like a Krylon matte finish on here, and that’s going to also help it last, especially since these Dollar Tree ones are a little bit tricky.

Alright, so I kind of held those down, so I can go back and then just press press press. So if you go back and you just kind of press it out, it really should help kind of help that bond. So with that said, in my personal opinion, I’m not a fan of the Dollar Tree vinyl, So I say: save your money and definitely just go with something like the StarCraft or Cricut, or you know, sawgrass .’Sawgrass’,

Or Siser, if you will I’m telling you I’ve got my brands all messed up here, But, as you guys can see how cute So, I may have to go in and adjust a couple of these with my little weeding tool.But’less people more plants’. I think it came out so cute

And then we have this one. This one has got to be my favorite, Especially this green. Here I highly recommend y’all find that green, So so cute y’all. I love these

Alright, so I’m going to go ahead and bring these back. Let’S recap really quick: while we get ready for the Q & A So once again, if you guys have any questions drop them down below, So we did Samantha on our zipper bag. We’Ve done a little

.., So this would be perfect for, like a college student going, We’ve got our little planner book here, So cute

We’Ve got those, And then we have our coffee cup. If you guys are just now joining, we got five crafts here And then we have the very last one. It is our sign.

So we have our St Patrick’s day sign. I think that came out really cute, And this is using that plaid once again from the Dollar Tree.So superduper cute. So I really hope that you guys have enjoyed these crafts

So let’s go ahead and get ready for Q & A All right, So let’s go ahead and see what questions we have today. I’M gon na go ahead and line some of these up, so everybody can see So we’ll kind of mix. Some of these up here a little bit

Fit some of these crafts, while we do some Q & A here And actually I’m gon na go ahead and bring that camera up. So you guys can see me at the same time. Alright, what setting did you use to cut that felt So for the felt I used bonded because I used the heat and bond, So I highly recommend either use freezer paper. Freezer paper has a little bit of wax on it. So if you apply that with a wax side down, it’s gon na stick

So if you guys have some in the cabinet, it’s gon na be good to go.If, not you can grab it at the Dollar Tree. Another thing I thought I was going to try, so you notice, I’m always showing you guys the shipping labels for the stickers. I bet we can apply that to the back as well, So if you guys have any

.. Or maybe even like the adhesive vinyl, But I use this right here – the heat bond. It works really really good. So I highly recommend you go check that out.

This one was the fusable interface, but you could use any of them, But I used felt bonded. Let’S see what else.Can be foam be cut on the explore air 2. Yes, the foam can be and you’re not going to need anything extra with it.

And I’m actually going to open it really quickly, so you guys can actually see what the foam looks like You all bear with me for just a second, because I need to show you all I wanted to see if it was even thick enough. It almost feel superduper thin, but it would be great for some..

.So, this is really thin Just so you guys can hopefully see that here. This is super super thin compared to what we use, But it would be perfect to create some little stickers with as well Alright. So what else do we have here?

Where did you get the pressing pillow, So this pressing pillow that I used is? Actually I believe this one is from Siser, So you can get it from lots of places like Stahls has them, I believe, 143 Vinyl. You can also make your own

So what this is is a Teflon sheet with a piece of foam that you’ve grabbed from your craft store.So. You could definitely make these on your own You’re gon na fold. Your …

Your teflon sheet in half over that foam Stitch all the way around and you got a pressing pillow. Alright, let’s see Do you have to buy the case and the cutter for the Cricut for every cutting blade for the first time buying them. No

If you’re talking about like maybe like the Maker, you definitely don’t have to have all of those, whichever ones you’re wanting to use. But if you’re talking about the Cricut, I’m trying to make sure I’m answering this correctly, like the explorers You’re, actually only going to need one, Let’s go ahead and see if there’s anything else, What is the “ March” font

This is actually with the design here, So whenever you guys purchase this file it’s in there, So I’m not too sure, But if there is a similar font that we can find for you guys, we will definitely try to drop it down, probably after the video, but We could do that as well.Alright. Let’S see,

Could you use the glue to outline the clover? Yes, and I almost thought about doing that Great minds, think alike. I thought about doing that and then I also thought about doing like the highlights on it with it or possibly adding some dots on all of the sign as well. That was another thing I thought about doing.

But you could do just the little highlight pieces and things like that, But once again just adding some dots would be really cute too. Let’S see What is the longevity of the vinyl, It says’permanent’

But if you will stay tuned, I’m going to do a wash test. I want to give it a whole week. I really want to give this a chance to bond and then I’m going to wash it like, I normally would Bear with me I’m going to wash it like. I normally would: okay

So in my sink, you guys know the drill, I’m just going to dip it down and wash it really good, bring it back out And I’ll do that a few times So stay tuned, We’ll be back in about a week or two with one of these live

You guys will see it back here. Alright, let’s see, Do you know what setting to put the Siser glitter vinyl on for the Cricut to cut it? I cut, but it didn’t..

.. When I use Siser glitter, I always just use glitter HTV and it works for me. If you need to in your settings. Let me go ahead and try to screen share that so y’all give me just a minute, I’m actually going to see. If I can show y’all

So just give me one second and I’ll: try to share my screen, Because this is something I don’t think you guys may know It’s almost like a little hidden thing. Okay, So what we’re going to do? I’M on a new project. Give me just a minute, like I said,

I’M going to share my screen, So let me go ahead and go to share Share screen. I think we got it up here. All right!

So let me go ahead and upload a design here, So let’s go ahead and pretend that we have … Life is better in the garden.

Alright add to canvas So let’s go ahead and go like we are going to be cutting out the glitter HTV, So we’re just going to go straight to ….

Let me go ahead and weld it And then I’m going to go ahead and go to Make It, And so I’m going to choose those settings So on the mat Continue.

Now this is all the way across the board, whether using Cricut Air 2 or the 3 or your Maker Alright. So I’m going to mirror it. Just like I was using HTV, I’m going to hit Continue And then let my machine load and all of that Give it just a second

And then I’m going to actually go to …. I believe I actually have it on the front.Yes glitter iron on

So that’s what I use: Siser EasyWeed …

Siser’Glitter’, I use that Now you see where it says’pressure’ It’s on default. So if you feel that your glitter is not cutting deep enough, come to your Pressure and try more So sometimes those glitters they’re a little bit thicker than others.

So just try more Do a little test cut and see if that works for you, But I’d like I said I don’t think a lot of you guys know that this is here. So one thing like faux leather, like the leather earrings and things like that. That’S one of those things that we struggle with is faux leather, Come here and try more pressure.

Once you choose your faux leather or glitter, try to change that to more pressure, and let me know if that works for you, guys.So, okay, let’s go ahead and see if we have any more questions All right. So, let’s see what we got here. Let’S see What is the parchment paper for

So the parchment paper – if you were talking about this one right here, the reason why I was using parchment paper – I used it to layer my adhesive vinyl And then I also used it for the … to apply my HTV on top to protect it.

But if you’re talking about parchment paper, which is actually freezer paper – and it’s actually for the backing, It’s going to help stabilize this, Let me get it really quick.So. If you put a piece of freezer paper on the back of your belts, if you use your Iron On apply that here or that heat and bond, it’s going to help stabilize it to be able to cut with like your Cricut Explorer 2 and things like that. Alright, so let’s go ahead and see

I’M from Canada – and I haven’t seen it here yet, but have you tried the Dollar Tree leather? I think it comes in the same package as the vinyl.I have not tried the leather, but I feel like they had it there and I hightly rec …

I mean not’recommend’, I highly regret not grabbing it, But I almost feel like I have seen it in the same … Like how the

.. like this was or like the felt, That’s how I think I have seen it, But I’m going to go back and look at mine.

If I can grab it I’ll get it and we’ll do some earrings So stay tuned on that, Let’s see, Should mugs with vinyl be sealed. Now, that’s a question. I get all the time.

So if you let them set for 48-72 hours, you’re good to go Now when it comes to vinyl, it could last you a week and it could last you five years.It just depends on how you wash it. So I have like a wineglass I’ve done five years ago.

I swear to you: It has a little … our state on it.

Arkansas I’ve had it on the round and I use it all the time, but I wash it in my sink. If you use them, if you put them in your dishwasher, it’s for sure gon na slowly start pulling itself off When you hand wash what I always recommend is don’t just soak in your sink. You know: that’s hot water, warm water,

It’S going to start warming up that adhesive and that’s going to come off, So don’t just soak your mugs that have the vinyl in the sink. You want to dip them down, go in with that rag, really good, Wash them all the way around and then rinse.You. Never want to let them soak per se.

Alright, so let’s see here Anything else, So let’s see Love the mouse pad, did y’all make that too. If you are talking about

.., Oh, you love my little mousepad. This right here is actually from Amazon I’ll, try to link it in our next live. If I can remember so, you guys could definitely snag it.

But there’s tons of cute ones, but I definitely just got it from Amazon. Alright, let’s see.Is the Starcraft cheaper than Oracle 651. I do believe it is. I do love either.

I was actually using Oracle 651 before I started using Starcraft And I do believe it was cheaper and that’s why I switched. I can’t even remember It’s been a hot minute, But I do recommend either or but I do think the Starcraft is just a smidge, cheaper

Let’S see here, What else do we have? What is the Shamrock? Did you put the bond side on the mat, So what I did was yes, the bonding piece right here this I put it base down.

And I used the blue mat, So you can use your blue one, your pink one, your green one, your purple, one whatever one you want to. I put it down on the mat, So you want to put that bonded side down and have the side up and then just cut it right out. That’S just going to help stabilize it whatever felt you’re using if you’re using

If you’re using …, If you’re not using the Maker per se, if you’re using your Explorer models, you really want to kind of stabilize that Cuts like a dream.

Alright, let’s see here When did you use the parchemnt vs Teflon vs butcher paper Parchment paper I used for applying the HTV just to protect my surface, Then I used it to layer, my adhesive vinyl And then, if you’re talking about like the freezer paper. That would have been used for our felts here.

Alright, let’s see what else do we have here.What mat? Do you use when you cut faux leather? When I cut faux leather, I really like to use the purple mat That purple mat helps really stick to it. Some things like, for example, if I need cutting out glitter HTV, the ones that are kind of rolled, I use that purple mat

It really helps stick a little better, But when it comes to my faux leather, I highly recommend that purple mat all the way. Alright, let’s see here, How do you get things straight on stuff, So you can actually, if you wanted to like say, for example, with this, you could use

.., I highly recommend using say, for example, parchment But use the the one. That’S white See how I can see through this

You can definitely get away with it, But I would prefer the white one Grab them at the Dollar Tree as well. You can put that down. First, You can see where you’re going

Get a little piece of that down and remove it. We have some tricks here on the channel using that, so I highly recommend that you check it out.Alright. So I think that that was the very last question. So let’s go ahead and get ready for the giveaway. All right,

So I am so excited There is so many of you guys that have entered Now. Remember if you use # bundle, you guys have automatically been entered to win. So let’s go ahead and hit that Draw button here and let’s see who wins? Good luck! Everybody

I’M so excited And remember it’s a bundle of your choice So who do we have here, Dorothy Hughes? Congratulations. You have won a bundle of your choice.

So if you guys reach out to mial @ designbundles.net, you guys can let them know that you won and tell them which bundle. You would love Any bundle of your choice. It’S yours So definitely email, mail, @ designbundles.net, and you can start crafting with it today.

Once again, congratulations to Dorothy! So once again, thank you guys so much for joining us.I hope that you guys have enjoyed this. I hope you guys are going to try to recreate some of these And, if you do remember, to use that # designbundles, because we want to see what you guys are making and crafting.

Thank you guys so much for joining us today. We’Ll see you guys on the next one Read More Cricut Bright 360 Floor Lamp, Unboxing & Review,

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