How to Easily Make Felt Flowers With a Cricut Maker

Hey creative close friends, it’s kamelahere from imaginative mommies decantso. Today, i’m going to show you exactly how to cutfelt blossoms with your cricut maker. Let’S go you resemble a circle that floats around mekeeping me. Allow’S begin in qriket designspace with cutting felt so i’m going tochoose my cricut manufacturer as well as after that browse allmaterials and i desire to pick really felt wool textile. This is what i use for cutting everykind of brand of really felt that i’ve boughtwool textile so felt wool fabric and also then righthere on step, two where it states modify toolsedit your devices and choose yourrotary blade.

So supposedly you can cutfelt with the detail blade and also also yourexplorer. I have actually not succeeded in thatbut. I succeed when i make use of the rotary bladeand my cricut maker 3, So i’ll meet you on themat side. I have a pair more suggestions and tricksfor cutting felt with your cricket manufacturer threewith, an illusion like a sparrow with brokenwings, now i beam with your reflectionso. We are using the rotating blade today, that’ swhat we told it to utilize which’s what we’re usingum this is.

It and it is simply a blade on a rotorit’s, a rotary blade, so we’re gon na go ahead, andplace that right into my cricut maker. 3, you can useany kind of floor covering with this. It does not really matteryou do not need to utilize a material grasp mat with thisif you’re. Not using this technique. I would certainly recommend afabric hold floor covering.

The problem is your felt, sticks, toeven, the fabric hold melt, mat and getting all ofthat fabric. Felty fuzz off of them will certainly destroy themso. I do this little technique below. I do not assume thispiece of transfer tape is reduced right either. Thator, i’m just not straight today, so move tapeupside down on your mat place, it all youknow, press everything down and after that remove the support to your transfer tape and after that you’re mosting likely to placeyour really felt on as well as off of thisfor running all your blossoms.

So i’m mosting likely to goahead as well as get all my flowers run as well as i’ll showyou just how we’re going to put this awesomewood welcome, really felt blossom indicator together. So before you load your really felt, move your starwheels and also see to it you don’t have any transfertape hanging where it’s not sticking. Those arevery vital things when you’re cutting feltso ensure none of the really felt hangs over eitherfelt is odd sizes, often unless you’re buyingcricut, which i never have, but the creases inmy mats don’t appear to trouble my rotary bladeand. I have really all the best, except when itry to cut really little felt points uh, likethose little fallen leaves above the mat, those were toughwith the slits in between, yet as long as you, cutreasonably sized products felt cuts, simple i’ mgoing to complete up, reducing all these materialsand. I’M mosting likely to go, aheadand get the htv ironed on tomy sign, because i intend to reveal you just how toroll felt blossoms together, it’s so simple, so i generally utilize cricut transfer tape.

Andi! Don’T i’ve never had this take place, however thisdid still, in my opinion, scrape up simpler than allof the really felt that would certainly have been left. Sothis was, you understand, scratched up truly easy here, all right, so we have actually obtained everything cut below. Andi intend to tell you about this custom, printedhpv vinyl and after that we’re going to be right back toour really felt blossoms that we reduced with our cricut makerso personalized printed, vinyl, which i ordered fromcraft chameleon. I definitely like this .

Patternit is so cute, yet it comesdifferent than regular htvso. You need to move it onto the transfer. Tapethat comes with it, which is your iron-on paper, soyou’re, going to need to transfer this prior to youiron it on, and i am going to obtain everything ironedon. I just grabbed a basic timber board. You can pickthese up off amazon or a craft store.

They you knowcome in all sizes as well as shapes. These are superfun. I will connect the pack that i got hold of belowbut just basic board here and also ensure thatyour surface is tidy, as well as occasionally i do recommendyou rough them up a little if it’s reallysmooth, you likewise have to heat up the timber and thenplace the vinyl, and also you have to Do it waymore presses than on material and afterwards we’ regonna seal this board as well as i’m gon na seal, it withcrystal lac and i’m gon na, let it dry over night. So the really felt flowers work similar to paperflowers. Those beforei will claim that i did attempt to reduce theseleaves with the openings in the centerand if you’ve done.

They primarily all failed. I kept a couplescraps of them in situation. I intended to place them behindbecause. I didn’t cut anymore, but i would certainly saythose are too little to reduce. Nonetheless, all my flowersand, the fallen leaves with fallen leaves with these flowerscame out just great, however you simply start rollingfrom one end right into from the end into thecenter as well as when i’m doing paper, flowersi like these quilling quilling devices, but thefelt flowers.

They do not work effectively forso. I make use of the cricut tweezers and those actuallywork really well for this, which is also funnybut you’re, just gon na roll blossoms to the end andthen hot adhesive the base. So i have my hot glue. Gunwarming up, you actually wish to keep them evenat the bottom. So keep your bottom line.

Linedup and also your flower will certainly look much better in the endso, we’re simply mosting likely to keep going and also i’m allthe means to the end here. So i’m mosting likely to takemy tweezers out and afterwards, if you wish to kind offluff it in any way, you might sort of let goand allow it do that as well as after that these i thinkare less complicated to adhesive than the paper flowersbut. What i do is i just take my warm glue and also actually well, i really did not recognize i was that strong butapparently i just damaged my warm adhesive weapon, alright, seeing as i don’t have an extra adhesive, gunwe’re gon na see if we can make do with this onefor One last rodeo right okay so youwant to place warm adhesive down in the center right here and after that you place that rounded disc ahead and afterwards simply type of fluff them out oncethat’s. You understand hot or cooled down sufficient. Thatyou can lay it down as well as it’s notit’s sticking to whatever umand that is as simple as they arelet’s roll the remainder of these flowerssodoso, i’m just mosting likely to hot glue, theseflowers and also stems where i want them.

Andthis job is done. I will possibly add an um jutehanger to it, but i definitely love it. I reallywant to do one of these boards now withoutflowers and also to utilize like outdoors on our decksuper fun. Thank you. A lot forjoining have a joyful day, good friends, bye with an impression like a sparrow with brokenwings.

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