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Hello and welcome to Craft With Sarah, If you’vebeen following me for a while you’ll know, thatI love, layered SVGs and that’s why I give away somany for free over on my blog In this video, I’m going to show you how to findall of my free SVGs. How to download them from mywebsite and then how to get them into CricutDesign Space so that you can cut them out To start head on over to craftwithsarah

Com.When you go to my website: ( ). There are a few different ways to accessmy, free SVGs and other printables.If you’re. Looking for a design which hasonly just come out, then you can scrolldown the home page and it shows you all mylatest, tutorials and free designs on there. So you may be able to find it there and ifso just click into that article to go to it When you’re looking at the articlepage scroll down and then somewhereon the page there’ll be this pale greenbox, which says’download the free file’

In here there’s a box to login toyour account or to register an account I’ll go through that in alittle bit more detail ina moment, but first I’ll show you theother ways to find the free files. All of my free SVGs are under this’Cricutcrafts’ category in the navigation. So if the design is an older one, you canclick it on there and then this lets youscroll through all of my different projectsand. Then you’ve got these little numbers. Atthe bottom to go through the older files.You will be able to find it there, but theeasiest way is probably to click this’free SVGs’link in the navigation on the top on this page.It just shows you all my free SVGsand again there’s a button to log inor. You can click to read the tutorial for thatpost and that will give you all the instructionson how to put together that particular craft

On this page it starts with all my freelayered SVGs and, as you can see there arequite a few at this point and thenunderneath that it’s all my other SVG‘s, so not the layered ones, but other projects andthen at the very bottom, are some vinyl SVGs, There’s loads To choose fromon there and they are all free. If you’re. Looking for my free cardmaking printables, instead of the SVGs hover over the “ more” link in the navigation, andthen click “, free printables”, “, coloring, pages”, ,”, iris, folding” or “ stitchingcards”, and that will show youall of my free designs that arein those different categories. But for now I’m going to stick with thefree SVGs and if you’re on this pageyou can click to register an accountif, you don’t already have one or click the “ login to download” button underany of these boxes.I’m going to click login

There’S also a login link on thevery top right of every page N. You can enter your usernameor email and your password.If, you don’t have an account. Thenyou can click “ register for free” or, if you can’t remember, yourpassword click “ reset your password”. I will go through the registration. Process.This is what the registration form lookslike.

I’M going to go ahead and fill inall my details and then click register. I’Ve just filled out the registration form andnow. It’S automatically logged me into my accountand taken me to my account page.On the accountpage, which is also the page that you’ll see whenyou log into your account. You can join my CraftClubhouse or my Lovely Layering course, or to getthe free downloads, scroll down to the bottom andthen. You’Ve got all of those categories again, I’m going to click the “ free, SVGs” button and itwill. Take me to that same page that we saw earlierbut this time instead of a loginbutton. There is now a download button.If. I just click this one to show you. I click “ download”, and here it is atthe bottom

It’S saving it to mydownloads folder on my computer. Now, if you are looking at a tutorial, let’s justopen one up, then you can get the files fromthe tutorial pages too. So this is the littlebox. I showed you earlier Here. It is So now because we’re logged in instead of the loginform, it says, “, download, now” and click thatand, just like it did on the other page it’sgoing to download that file to your computer.

By default, all my files come in zip, folders andyou will need to unzip the files in that folderbefore. You can upload theminto, Cricut Design Space I’ll, show you how to do that on awindows computer, which is what I’m usingif you’re on a mac or a mobile device check thelinks in the description of this video I’lladd, some other tutorials, for how to doit. On your specific machine or device, Here’s the folder that I just downloadedwith the tea and coffee layered mandalas.I’ve, just moved it into a separate folder on mycomputer. For this tutorial, You’ll, probably findthat yours will be in your “ downloads” folder soif. You click “ downloads”. It will appear in there

FREE SVGS! 😍 How to Use Craft With Sarah Free SVGs

Now, at the moment, this is a zip folderand. I know that because it ends inzip and also the picture is ofa folder with a zip down it.If. I just make it bigger there. You go-, you can see that’s what it looks like To unzip a folder on a Windows, computer it’sreally, easy you just need to right. Click, press “, extract, all”, choose where you wantto, save the files choose. If you want to showthe files, when complete (, I’m going to turnthat off for now ) and then press “ extract”, You can see what that’s done because Isaved it in the same place as my zip folder.I’ve now got another folder in here and thisone is not Zipped

I know that because itdoesn’t have that .zip in the file name and alsoit doesn’t have the zip on the actual folder icon.If. I look at it in detail view you can seethe little picture is still a bit differentso. Let’S take a little look in here. This particular design has five separate tea. Andcoffee designs. You can see them all in here. So let’s double click into oneto see the different files.My cutting files come in several differentformats, so they come in dxf, which is forscan and cut and silhouette machine nope-. My cutting files come in different formatsdxf is for silhouette machines if you’reusing, the free version of silhouette studiothey also often come with a png which you canuse in scan and cut or silhouette software

Some of my older files come with pdf guides, but Ihaven’t been doing that on the more recent ones and then there’s the SVG file and if you’reusing a Cricut machine or if you’ve got thepaid version of silhouettestudio, then it’s the SVGfile. You want, and I believe you can uploadSVGs into the Brother ScanNCut software too. It’S really important when you’reuploading into Design Space that youchoose the file that starts SVG_ in the filename, Let’s jump into Design Spaceand see how to upload it. Here I am in Cricut DesignSpace and I’m going to press” new project” and then go to “ upload” on the left. Now click “ upload image” and then you can eitherclick “ browse” to find the file on your computeror. You can drag and drop it. Inwhich is what I’m going to do.

Remember what I said earlier about thefiles: you need the one which startsSVG in the filename. None of the otherones will work properly in Design Space. I’M going to drag that SVG file in and then youcan see here. All the layers are appearing, inthe, correct order and they’re all one on top theother. If you see all of the different layers, indifferent colors separately on the screen, so allindividual pieces, that means you’ve accidentallyuploaded the wrong file. So if that’s happeningfor, you click “ cancel” down on the bottom rightand then try again and make sure you openthe one that starts SVG in the file name.Here’s my cut image. I can now press “ upload” and then it will appear in my recent uploads

I can click it to get that green, borderaround it and then press “ insert images”, and now here it is on my canvas. This has come in fairly small, it’s about 4.7 inches wide, so I would probably want to make that biggerso it’ll be easier to cut and put together, but of course it’s up to you, howbig or small. You make your project. I hope that you found this video helpful on how toaccess and download all of my free layered SVGs. This video was specifically focusedon, those who have a Cricut machine

If you have a Brother ScanNCutor, a Silhouette machine, I have separate videos on how you can open upmy designs in your cutting machine. Software.I’Ll. Add the links to thosevideos in the description ofthis one, so you can go ahead and check them out. If you have any questions about any of the SVGs onmy website or anything Cricut related in general, please feel free to email me. My emailaddress is sarah @

Please remember that I am in the UK, so mytime zone might be a little bit differentto yours, but I do try to emaileveryone back within 24 hours. Thank you. So much for watching andI hope you enjoy my free SVGs Bye, Read More Cricut Bright 360 Floor Lamp. Unboxing & Review

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