Cricut Hat Press What else can you press with it? Pressing a mug with the Hat press HTV on stuffies

Hi everybody I’m Corinne Blackstone and welcome to my craft room Before we get started, Be sure to check out my website, You can sign up for my free monthly newsletter.

Check out my blogs, my free speeches over there, Today’s video is going to be about what else can I press with my cricut hat press? So obviously we know that we can do hats, But are there other things that you can make with the cricut hat press? So we’re going to try a couple of different items and just see how it goes together.

I didn’t pretest anything. I just went for it for this video because I really wanted it to be a true Like. Can we do this? Is it going to come out So we’re going to find out together?

So let’s get started, We have the cricut press here ready to go so this is our hat press. I’M going to turn to the side, it’s not on, so it won’t burden myself.But. This is the heating plate and you can see that it’s curved, So we’re kind of wondering what else can we press with our hat press? Besides hats, So I have a little cotton pouch, a sublimation mug

I’M going to do in ink on the mug. I have a little peep stuffed animal, a neoprene case which again we’re going to do infeasible in gone, Because neoprene is polyester and I have this little bunny rabbit. We’Re going to try to press on his T-shirt.We’re, going to use the hat form and not use the hat form as well to try this We’re using Starcraft Soft Flex for the people, the bunny T-shirt and the pouch, and now we’re going to use invisible ink for The mug and for the little earbud case,

So the first thing I’m going to do is turn it on and to turn it on. You just press this little temperature button.So. The first setting is perfect for the Starcraft soft flex. So I’m in all this heat up, I’m going to get our little hat form down and we’re going to get ready to press. While our press heats up, I’m going to go ahead and place my design

I just hit a little monogram. My name is way too long for this peep and then we’re going to use the strong grip heat waves for this, because these do tend to slide around, especially on stuffed animals, because they’re not like super sticky against the fabric of a stuffed animal. So I’m just going to go ahead and cut off some of this heat tape. This is the cricut strong grip and our press is ready. So I’m going to put some parchment paper between just to be safe.

So I don’t want to damage this cute little piece at all, So I’ve got a little piece of parchment paper here and I’m going to lay it over my peat and I’m going to place my heat press.So, my little hat press over my design and I’m just Going to count to eight So that’s 654321, We’ll give it one little extra

And let’s see I mean it looks like it pressed I’ll give it that Now this is a warm peel product, so we’re going to go ahead and take it off That pressed beautifully. Look at that

That’S perfect, I mean it doesn’t have any lifting at all. It feels great on here. It looks really good, So the press works on little stuffed animals perfectly

Definitely would recommend it for that, especially those little peeps, They’re perfect. Now we’re going to do our little bunny.I could leave his T-shirt on, but I think I want to see if I can take his T-shirt off and put it on the platform just to see if the hat for him helps us at all. Now, don’t quote me on being able to get the shirt off real easy because he’s got a big old bulbous head here, but we’re going to go ahead and pop his shirt off.

And so this is a cotton shirt. It’S just a little teeny tiny. I mean you can see it’s teeny little bitty. So what I’m going to do is see. I’Ve got this hat form that we can use and we can kind of lay the shirt down across it. So you see how I kind of have it laying across it.

I think that’s what we’re going to do. Hopefully I didn’t make this detail too big. It’S pretty big. I did accidentally make it a little large, but that’s OK. That’ll just give us a tester

Now I’m going to reuse my key tape because it does last for a while and it’s OK If it goes over your design, it won’t affect that in any way from heating onto there. Ok, so I’m going to put it on my hat form and I think what I’m going to do is try to like pull it so that this part of the shirt is off to the side and then I’m just going to make sure press that down. So I’m going to leave my hat for like this on the table so that it’s flat So then we’re going to take our hat press

And again we’re going to press down and we’re going to count to eight So six 543, 21 and then I just go just a second longer in case I counted too quickly.And again. This is a warm peel product because it is Starcraft soft flex. So I just need to get the tape off and let’s see how this one looks, But this one didn’t do as well, but this is a pretty big design.

So what I might need to do, because I think that, like this part up here, didn’t stick as well See how the be lifted. So what I’m going to do, Let me try and just kind of maneuver it a little bit differently so that perhaps I’m getting the top of that a little better, and I don’t have parchment paper between these two. I wanted to purposely try it without the parchment paper to see if it affected anything. I don’t think the parchment paper has any effect on it, but I can still see the bee. Isn’T really sticking

So I don’t know if it’s, because the shirt is bunched under there or if it’s just because I can’t get a good angle on that area. So let’s just try to get a good angle on that area. I’M going to move this over it a couple of times just kind of back and forth and we’ll see, if maybe that was better now that time I did get it. So I think it was a matter of this being a little bit large, but this is going to be a true test over that end and stick Either see its these ends.

It’S because you can’t access them as easily, because this is a little bit too big, So I think for larger designs. This may not be the best choice, But if you’re doing some small, I think it’ll be fine.Let’s, see if we got the end to stay down. This time, Yeah now we’re good

So that one just took a few extra presses, but I think it worked. Ok, I don’t think it’s like a big deal. I do have a little piece of my hair stuck under it, which is always a good time. Thankfully, this is just a trial, so we have to worry too much when we can just put this right back on our bunny and we’ll just see kind of how it looks like I said I did make this a little bit large and that’s. I think why it didn’t stick is because this doesn’t have a very large surface.

So I’m excited to try the big decals for the pouch to see how that one does, because that one is really big. So we’re gon na have to do that one in a couple of sections. So I think that one’s going to be our true test. But let’s take a look and see it looks like it’s holding on fine.So. I do think you could potentially do things like this

I would just maybe make this a little bit smaller. I got a little overzealous with the name, So the next one will do is our pouch. So this one here is just a canvas pouch, meaning that it is just cotton – And I just set this down.

And what I’m going to do on this one? I think I’m going to go this direction, So I’m kind of going to just do it in like sections and see how it does just to see. But like again, I feel, like I’m, not getting a great like angle on this, so I feel like I have to play with it a little bit to see where I’m going to get my best angle. For my pressing And again I’m not putting the parchment paper between it, You can, but I can tell you already. I can see that we’ve got a pretty big like discrepancy of a wrinkle over here.

And let me go ahead and do the parchment paper just because I think this one’s going to have to press a little bit longer than I would ideally like to press it. But again I’m just going to move it and do it in sections and we’ll see. If it works, I think you’d be better off, probably doing this one with like the mini press, but I just kind of wanted to try. You guys have been asking to see what else this can work with, So we’re going to give it a shot now because we’re not using cricut product

I’M not using the Heat app but I’ll use the Heat app when we do the earbud case and the mug, because those are infeasible ink and that is a cricut product All right Now I can see it looks like it’s stuck. Ok, I’m not really! So I don’t have a lot of stick on this little edge here, so I’m just going to go over this like is it working? Yes,

Is it sticking? Yes? Is it difficult? Also, yes, Do I think like this would be what I buy if I was going to make little stuffed animals and

Pouches and things Absolutely not, But can it work? Yes, the answer is a resounding. It does work again. I don’t think I’m getting a lot of great, Like pressure and like angle on it, because this is pretty small and it does have a pretty good

Like Curve to it, but it is, I mean it: it’s stuck just took a little bit of time, But I mean it worked in a pinch. Will it work? It will

It looks fine It’s held on. Well All right, so now we are going to use our Cricut Heat app for this next section. For this next part, we are going to use the Cricut Heat app, so we pull that up.We’re going to use the Cricut Heat app for this next one. So what I want to do is I’m going to hit start a new project and my transfer materials. What I’m going to pick first,

So I want to select that and we are using infeasible ink and then it only gives me a couple of options. So I’m going to just choose the iron on polyester. I don’t know if that’s going to work but we’ll see.It does say 90 seconds. I feel like we’re going to need to go longer, but we’ll we’ll start with the little pouch first and we’ll go from there.

We’Ll see how it works So now what I want to do is I’m going to send my settings to my press And what you’ll see is that now it is going to flash orange and it will heat up. It gives you kind of a countdown of like how long it’s going to take for it to get to the temperature that we need. So, while we’re waiting on that

I just cut out this cute little egg out of kind of a dark color of infeasible ink and I’m going to go ahead and use some of the strong grip tape on this to tape it down to our pouch And again, these are just neoprene, so they’re 100 % polyester should take the egg just fine, I realize now I just put the egg upside-down, Not that I completely care, because I’m just testing, but let’s just put it the right way just to be. You know, kosher here and we’ll get this tape down. I think I’m going to give it one more piece because see how curly it is, I’m going to give it another couple of pieces just to be safe.

Now this will be heated up in just a second. It heats up really quickly. The press really does heat up super fast, so I’m just going to tape it down to our thing Now I will say I think, what’s going to end up happening with this, is that I’m going to get not be able to get a good press because there’s, Like a bunch of empty space in here, So what I think I might want to do is grab like a cloth to put inside of here.

So I’ve got this rag, I’m going to shove it inside here just to get like a better press on to that little egg, because then the then there’s like a surface under our neoprene. It’S not perfect. I think I actually need to maybe put it in even thicker just so that it’s really thick under that egg, and it’s keeps popping my egg off, because the strong grip tape is only so strong All right. I think that actually is not too bad.

I don’t think this is great. I would probably not expect this to do very well, but now it wanted us to preheat. So let me go ahead and peel that off I’ll follow the directions It wants me to preheat it for five seconds.

So just hit the little go button on your head press and it’ll preheat your blank, Then it’ll be tell you it’s done for heating. You can go ahead and put your design onto your blank, and then it wants us to do this for 90 seconds So again place it down on to your blank, covering the entire design, Hit the button and then

Go now you’ll see people moving it around. That makes me nervous because I’m always afraid that it’s going to go really bad, and I have seen several of these ghost Superbad for people when they move on, But we’re going to do it and see kind of what happens. I think it is going to ghost – and I can’t tell Oh, looks like it’s covering the whole thing that way. Actually, if I just turn it push it down a little bit more So you’ll see that it’s counting down on my phone and it’ll count down to 60 seconds now.

It does tell you that you just need to apply light pressure. You don’t need to do too much with it. It’S not like I’m not pressing down really at all and just holding it on to the press. The little form This way it’ll keep my table from getting hot, which is why I’m using the form So we’re going to do the coffee cup next, which that should be an adventure.

But I think if I put it in the cradle, it might work really well, So we’re going to try it that way and see kind of what happens. But I do have some ideas of what’s going to happen there, but we’re going to go ahead and press this. I can already tell it’s ghosting Superbad bad. I can already see the ghosting happening and it’s really bad.

So this is going to. I don’t know that this would be something I would say would work, but I think it’s more or less like the product, like the blank that I’m using maybe causing some of the ghosting, but also, I just think infeasible isn’t usually my first choice of products.I. Don’T really love the plastic on it. I think that actually causes a lot of ghosting issues. So that’s just personal, but you can see like it did a lot of ghosting, which you know it is what it is. But let’s go ahead and peel it off and see how it did.

I mean in the grand scheme of things: did it work For the most part? Yes, Is there ghosting? Also Yes, And did the bottom not really come out? Also,

Yes, But again this is a pretty small little rounded product, So it may just be a little bit based on that alone, where it’s just kind of an awkward shape. The next thing that we’re going to try is this coffee mug. So this should be interesting. So again, I’m going to bring up my Cricut Heat app and I’m just told I was finished with that project and I’m going to move on to my next one. So wants me to start a new project.

And again, we’re going to transfer material is going to be infeasible ink.And. Then we’re going to choose polyester hit. Next. It wants us to preheat the cup which OK, so we’re going to hand go ahead, send them It’s already set, so we should be good to go.

I’M going to go ahead and preheat my mug. This feels weird, but all right, we’ll just do what it says Again. These aren’t really necessarily settings for things like the mug, but we’re going to try it on a mug because you guys wanted to see it. So what I’m going to do is again I’m going to use the stronger teeth and I’m just going to try to press this. This is not my favorite, but I think it’ll work better on the hard surface, because I think that it won’t collapse a little bit like that’s. What happened with the pouch? Is it kind of had a collapse area?

So I think this one might work out better. It is bigger, So I am going to need to move this, I’m going to need to kind of scooch it around, and I do want to make sure that this is as flat as I can get it on to the mug. So I am pressing it down and I’m going to use quite a bit of the tape on here.

So I’m just going to put another piece right over here. Again, It doesn’t matter. If that tape is over your design, it won’t affect it. It can allow the heat to go through which just basically made so that the tape doesn’t melt So we’ll go ahead and put one down here. That should be good.

It is really on there So now what I’m going to do is I’m going to go ahead and put this on to my mug.And. You know what Again, I think that if I could put the mug somewhere, it’s not going to shimmy or move like on the table, although it feels like it’s going to move there. Doesn’T it when you cancel that really quick. Let me think about this.

How can we do this? Oh here, this might work, Let’s use the rag from before, just to put it on the table. So it’s not like on a super Like hard surface and that’ll hold it a little more steady,

I’M still going to hold it with my hand, but that will hold it steady. Ok, there we go now. This is definitely way too curved for the press, so I am having to like really move it a lot in order to like have it touch the entire design all the time, And I think that pressing at 90 seconds is not going to be even close to Enough, especially because I have to move it in order to get it on to the mug, And, let’s see, if you guys can see, can you see how little it’s touching the mug like it’s barely touching it

The curved surface of the mug is too curved for the hat press, but actually this seems to work pretty good If I just hold the mug and then move it on the press, that’s a little bit easier than like moving the press. So let’s do that. Just be careful not to burn yourself, But again I don’t think 90 seconds is going to be nearly enough.

I did the same color just to make life easier Of the invisible ink And I’m not really pressing very hard, I’m just letting it kind of roll over the design. I’M going to flip this a little bit just so. I can make sure that I get the design over here.

But again, I really don’t think this is going to like this would not be the way I would choose to do this. This seems just like a lot of extra work and hassle to do a mug when you could just do this with the mug. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to go. I’M told no like. I want to go again, Because I don’t think that that was nearly enough time. 90 seconds is not going to do it. I’M gon na go ahead and turn it again.

Again, I am moving my press a lot because it’s not even close to touching the whole design like not even the tiniest bit, So I am moving my press a lot like a lot. A lot I’m starting to see some ghosting because we’re having to press this down, so I’m going to go ahead and call this done.I did about another 60 seconds on it. So go ahead and peel off the tape. But you can see kind of ghosting over here. A little bit

And let me get this tape off, so we can pull the design off. The cup is not like hot hot, so that also makes me think, like it’s probably not going to work very well, I can touch it like. I can physically touch it. It’S not burning! My hand But let’s find out

It did definitely press that down. Oh yeah Woof All right, So this is definitely not good.

You can see like this part’s pretty dark and like right there, but nothing else is super dark. I think if you were to do this with the hat press, you would have to press this for a really long time and you would have to move it 1,000,000 times to get the entire design, because this was actually pretty small, designed to put on a coffee. Mug, I would say it definitely does not really work with coffee mugs, but I will say that I think it worked beautifully with our little peep He’s got a nice small surface with a little bit of a rounding to him.It worked great on the T-shirt. Had I made the design the right size, but I did make it a little too big.

But if you would have made it the right size, I think it would have been perfect on the T-shirt. It did work on the pouch. But again I don’t know that I would purchase the hat just so that I could make pouches and stuffed animals and all that I would just get the easy pressed mini for this, the regular one, And then it worked on this pretty OK. I think, honestly, all things considered

It’S not that bad and I think it was more the surface than anything. I think it was just because, like this bottom part is so puffy, But I do think it worked, Definitely definitely did not work on the mug. You can see how much infeasible ink is left over on the sheet, so it definitely did not work.

It works beautifully on hats. I’Ve used it on several hats. It works great. I think it did a great job on a little stuffy, So I do think if you’re somebody who wants to make hats, this is a great little tool.

It’S perfect, if you don’t have a lot of space, it is perfect if you’re just going to make hats – and you just want to make hats – I think it’s great – It works. The heat up is super easy to use. But what else does it work on? Not a ton of other things,

I know a lot of people were really hoping it would work on a mug. I just don’t think that this is what I would call working on a mug.If. You guys have any questions or you want to see other things with the hat press. Please let me know, I’m always happy to show you guys all sorts of fun tutorials. I hope you guys have a wonderful day and is always happy crafting.

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