Cricut Bright 360 Floor Lamp Unboxing & Review

Hey guys, You’ve probably heard by now that Cricut came out with a new product line called Bright 360. My Ott light kicked the bucket a few months ago, so today we’re going to unbox and take this new lamp for a spin. The Bright 360 comes in two sizes and I chose the floor lamp As you can see. It comes in a pretty sizable box and it’s hefty Inside the shipping container. There’S a much prettier and tightly packaged box more like what you would find in the store.

It’S obvious that they’re trying to keep these really safe for shipping, but it’s also just a really nice box.Inside, the box. I found this cute little getting started, guide a power adapter which uses a standard plug and a USB-C connection and well obviously, the lamp which is delivered in three separate pieces. This is probably the first time that I have ever removed. The protective film immediately. The base is pretty hefty, which is good news for preventing your floor lamp from falling..

On the floor, It also comes with a standard bag of “. Do not eat these .”. The cute Quick Start guide has some helpful, albeit fairly simple instructions for putting your lamp together. The assembly itself is pretty straightforward.

You snap the pole into the base until it clicks. Then you snap the light into the pole until you hear another click Tada. The lamp is called Bright, 360 for obvious reasons. It’S made to be adjusted in many ways: pivoting up and down swiveling 360 degrees around and even tilting a full 180 degrees in either direction.

Those certainly are not the only adjustments. This light is capable of. It also has separate sliders for both color temperature and brightness, which I was really excited about. I adjusted the color temperature on the light until the colors on my phone looked most accurate to what I was seeing in real life Right now, I’m using it to do a little mindful coloring, when my house is the most quiet about 1:00 in the morning. There are no other lights on and look how fantastically illuminated my page is:

The lighting was also really comfortable to work in. It is nicely diffused and because I can pick a comfortable temperature and brightness level. I had no issues with the typical eyestrain or headaches that can come from more harsh lighting.Which means. I think this would be great for art and progress videos like the one you’re watching now. Here’S a quick demonstration of how the lights can go from warm to very cool blue, depending on what you need, There’s also a dimmer that gives you a wide range of brightness.

We’Ve been using it for a few months and it has just come in handy for so many different projects, And I love the way this video looks lit with this light. If you want to learn more about the Circut Bright 360 lamp check out the link in the comments for my full review.. Read More Dollar Tree Mugs With Cricut

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