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Hi guys It’s crystal with Design Bundles Today, I’m gon na show you guys how to sublimate on this zipper bag using your Cricut EasyPress. So let’s go ahead and get started Alright, so we’re ready to get started.

So today, we’re going to be using this little zipper bag. Here This one is actually from Cricut. This is their blank. There’S a ton of blanks out there like this, because if it’s made out of polyester, you can sublimate it right. Now, I’m using the smaller of the Cricut EasyPress pads

I’Ve already cut my design out. I will have this design linked down below How cute is that design? I love it All right. I’Ve got a piece of parchment, paper/butcher paper and I’m just going to insert that.

You can, you know, use a piece of cardstock whatever you would like, I’m just kind of making sure these seams see how they kind of go off of this pad. Here When I use my Cricut EasyPress, it’s going to avoid the zipper Another thing you’re going to need is heat resistant tape. So I’m just going to go ahead and take two little pieces of the tape.

And I’ve already got my Cricut EasyPress at 400 for 60 seconds. Now you want to make sure that you lint roll your item. You definitely don’t want to avoid this step. Alright, so now I’m going to go ahead and take my design here, get it right on top of my bag where I want. I’m gonna take my heat resistant type and just hold that down on the sides there.

Alright, just like that, So I can see through here. So I don’t know if you guys can see through there. What I’m doing is I’m making sure this entire design is on the mat.

Because if anything is off the mat, it’s not going to press. That stuff is going to end up being washed out on the side.

So I’m just making sure that my entire design, when I get a press, is going to be on the mat Alright. So what I’m going to do is I’m actually going to turn it in this direction. So that way I have easier access. Now, with this, my 6 x 7 is just a little bit too big. So the way that I’m going to do this is I’m going to press it in this direction here. So I’m actually going to scoot this a little bit further on the mat

Now, maybe your design, you can make sure that it’s you know going to fit underneath that 6 x 7. You would only have to press it one time, But since mine is …,

I wanted to stretch the limits and get it a little bit bigger. I’m going to do one here and one here. So I’ve got it all the way up on my mat. I’m going to take my press here, drop it down and hit Go.

And I’m going to press down

So you want to give it medium pressure, So I’m giving it pressure for 60 seconds All right. So now we’re going to do is very carefully. I’M going to kind of hold this side down, just to lift it up And we’re going to press down on the other side and hit Go

You want to be very careful if you’re having to do this in two steps with your Cricut EasyPress because you could get some ghosting and that’s going to look like a double image.

All right we’re going to carefully move it Now. A big mistake that I made …

If you guys know, go ahead and leave a comment down below Pause it, let me know what I did Alright. So the big mistake that I made was, I forgot, to put a cover sheet on top, So you should never press directly onto your sublimated paper. You should definitely have a piece of parchment paper, you know copy paper or something to protect your press.

Now, luckily, mine is safe. Now I love when I make mistakes on camera because it helps you guys not make the same mistake. I do So. Definitely don’t do that, So you want to go ahead and peel this up And there you have it.

How cute is that I love this design. Super cute Peace, love, sanitize, Super cute,

I love love, love this The colors came out phenomenal, But this would be a great idea to give away as a gift to a teacher to students to carry their little stuff in. You can give this away to a nurse They can put their mask in there. Their sanitizer

It just makes a great little thank you: gift, or’, I’m thinking of you’ Or even just making one for yourself Super cute And, like I said, if you can find a polyester zipper bag anywhere, whether it’s Target It doesn’t matter.

As long as it’s polyester, you can sublimate on it, So I hope you guys enjoyed this. I hope you found it helpful. If you did please hit the Like button down below and Subscribe.

And I’ll see you on the next one:

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